Dauphin, Canada

RCMP and the Emergency Response Team attended to a threat on Ebb and Flow First Nation yesterday afternoon.

A man was wanted for assault, but would not leave his home.

It was suspected he had a firearm and RCMP wanted to get the man out.

The Emergency Response Team was called and they established a perimeter around the home to ensure safety.

Manuel Houle, 32-years-old, surrendered without incident.

He remains in custody and faces charges of assault, two counts of Uttering Threats, Failure to Comply With Probation and five counts of Breach of Recognizance.

Representatives from conservation districts around the Parkland attended a meeting hosted by the province to discuss creating watershed districts yesterday.

Local Dauphin resident, Boris Michaleski, was at the meeting. 

He says future boundary changes are a big concern for those who attended:

“I think there are a lot of questions around the change. Probably the biggest thing is people not knowing what the proposed changes are and I think that the big question is how is this going to affect the operation of the districts.”

Dauphin held the final regional meeting to discuss the province’s plan to modernize the conservation district program.

Manitoba Hydro-Electric Board has five new board members appointed.

The newly appointed members are Chairperson, Marina James; Vice Chair, Michael Moore; Lisa Meeches, Melanie McKague and Wade Linden.

PC MLA Cliff Graydon continues to serve on the board.

The newly appointed board members come from diverse sectors and have relative experience to the work of the corporation.

The flood outlook for March states the risk remains low to moderate across the province.

For the Interlake Region, including Lakes Winnipeg, Manitoba, Dauphin and Whiteshell, the risk is low.

Shellmouth Dam will continue operations to reach summer levels after the spring run-off.

There’s a moderate risk of some overland flooding along the Red and Assiniboine Rivers.

The City of Dauphin is changing next week’s garbage collection schedule.

Day 1 pick-up is on Monday, Day 2 is on Tuesday, Day 3 is on Wednesday, and Day 4 is on Thursday.

There is no garbage pickup on Friday.

Regular collection days are to resume in April

A meeting to gather ideas and opinions on changes to the conservation districts was held in Dauphin yesterday afternoon.

The acting Manager of the Watershed Planning and Programs Section for the province, Erin Dunbar, explains the main focus of the meeting:

“The main purpose of today’s meeting is to gather feedback and gather ideas from municipalities and conservation districts on the future boundaries of watershed districts.”

Dunbar also explains the timeline for when watershed districts will come into effect:

“We will continue to work with municipalities and districts over the next fiscal year as we prepare for this transition. But the transition won’t occur until at least April 2019.”

Dauphin held the 5th and final regional meeting held in Manitoba.

The Senate passed the pot bill today with a vote of 44 to 29.

The bill is now on its way to five separate committees to be reviewed further.

The government is still mandating full legalization to take place this summer.

There were reports of heavy police presence at Ebb and Flow First Nation this afternoon.

RCMP spokesperson, Tara Seel, stated that residents should avoid the community’s north access road.

She also stated that there was no lockdown and that residents were not at risk.

RCMP left the area later in the afternoon.

CKDM will report on the incident as updates became available.

Pallister has vowed to replace the hydro board members who stepped down yesterday in less than 24 hours.

Only one board member, Conservative MLA Cliff Graydon, has continued to hold his position.

One of the spots on the newly appointed board will go to the Premier.

The board stated that Pallister wouldn’t meet with them to discuss matters, which prompted them to resign.

Pallister then accused the board of wanting to offer the Manitoba Metis Federation $70 Million dollars to sweeten a deal.

The Grandview Royal Canadian Legion is getting ready for their annual Head Cheese Contest.

The event includes a judged competition along with an auction with donated items from around the community.

Tony Safronetz, Executive of the Grandview Legion, explains the history of the contest:

“This is our 19th anniversary of our head cheese contest. It’s an odd name for a contest, but that’s the way it got started 18 years ago. We were sitting in a corner in our legion discussing how to make head cheese and all of a sudden, way she went!”

The event starts at 6:00 and goes to 10:00 at night on April 6th at the Grandview Legion.

Dauphin student, Anna Orisko, is proving that anyone at any age can raise funds for Dauphin’s Habitat For Humanity’s second build.

She has been hard at work getting the message out of what Habitat does for the community.

“So right now we just started our youth program. I’m getting kids from the middle school; I don’t want to ask kids for money, I just really want to have them learn about Habitat for Humanity. So we are going to go around to all the elementary schools in Dauphin and just kind of spread the word.”

Orisko spoke at last night’s Habitat for Humanity fundraising kickoff event at the Watson Art Centre.