Dauphin, Canada
Infrastructure is set to be a big part of the federal budget, which will be announced later this afternoon.
During their election campaign, the Liberals pledged 60 billion dollars in infrastructure spending over the next 10 years.
Dauphin MP Robert Sopuck, who is part of the Conservative Party, is optimistic that that means work will go to completion on a key southern Manitoba project.
"Our government made a commitment to repave Highway 10 through Riding Mountain National Park, and I want to say, I've had no indication from the Liberals that they'll cancel that. I hope they stick to their word there, or keep that budgetary commitment we made, because Highway 10 through the Park is very much in need of a repair."
The Wildlife Conservation critic says he will be keeping a close eye on things that will affect rural Manitobans, and any projects to protect nature.
We will be speaking to Robert Sopuck again this evening, and we will have more on his reaction to the federal budget tomorrow.