Dauphin, Canada
In an effort to raise money for cancer research they need your help.
 The month of April is daffodil month and the Canadian Cancer Society is needing some more volunteers for it's Door to Door Campaign.
Angie Nor Addin, fundraising coordinator for the Canadian Cancer Society says this is also their campaign month.
"What we have is canvassers going out door to door and asking for donations. It's a really great campaign and it's been going on for the past several years, and we are in urgent need of volunteers."
Nor Addin also adds that money raised goes towards cancer research and supporting vital services like the transportation program.
"In Dauphin we have provided 351 rides in the past years for cancer patients, which has been really helpful. So it's a really important program that we want to help support. So when they are raising fund they're really helping out the cause in Manitoba and that's really important."
The campaign runs all month and so far there are only 10 people signed up to volunteer and they need 90.
So if you would like to help out for a good cause you can contact Karen Barker at 648-6703.