Dauphin, Canada

Bus cancellation notifications straight to your phone are what the new MVSD website will offer.

The Mountain View School Division is developing a new website.

At the most recent school board meeting trustees decided to use the services of Scholantis.

The current provider no longer supports their website and has been outsourcing to another company for the past 3 years.

Superintendent CEO, Donna Davidson explains the reason the division chose Scholantis.  

“They had the pricing structure that reflected our budget allocations because we are in a situation of fiscal restraint and we are very mindful of that. We wanted to go with a website that has a cost that’s low, yet at the same time allows us to offset the frontload costs, the building of the site, out of our surplus dollars out of our current budget year. And then the annual maintenance fee that you would have with any website, this one was within our budget that our current budget allocation would allow.”  

The new website will be accessible on all platforms including smartphones and tablets and feature push notifications for messages such as bus cancelations and alerts.

Davidson expects the new website to be available to the public by late fall.

Swan River RCMP responded to a fatal snowmobile collision last night.

At 2:25 a.m. they responded to the collision approximately 6 kilometres southeast of Swan River.

A 43-year old male from Swan River was transported to the hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced deceased.

Police believe speed and alcohol were factors in the collision.

Metis people can now apply for citizenship through the Manitoba Metis Federation.

The MMF is launching their new mobile office by coming to communities in province.

They will assist in helping people apply for their Metis status.

The mobile office will be in Dauphin on Monday from 1:00 to 4:30 in the afternoon at 505 Main Street.

It's also in Roblin and Swan River on Tuesday; Camperville on Wednesday and Duck Bay on Thursday and Friday.

For more information go to mmf.mb.ca

More work is expected to be completed on the Watson Art Centre this summer.

The city has applied to the province for a heritage building Grant.

City of Dauphin Assistant CAO, Sharla Griffiths says the grant would go mostly to fix some brickwork.   

 “We applied for a grant to do some brick and repair work on the Watson Art Centre. It’s a provincial grant that allows groups to rejuvenate or repair heritage buildings.”

Griffiths says this is a continuation of work done last summer.

If you are caught texting and driving you could see an automatic three-day licence suspension.

That’s the new legislation proposed by the provincial government.

 It will also establish a seven day suspension if drivers are caught a second time.

 More information about the law will be announced on Monday.  

The free swim and public swim in Dauphin were postponed today.

The Kinsmen Aquatic Center is closed due to unfortunate circumstances. 

The free swim will now be tomorrow, from 1:30-4:30.

Dauphin Rec Services apologizes for any inconveniences. 

A strike won't be happening at the Dauphin Safeway this Sunday.

Currently the union is in the bargaining process with the employer.

Once a decision from the meeting is made, the members will have the final say.

Employees will vote next Sunday, March 25, to either go on strike or accept the offer.

Dauphin Fire Firefighters had a chilly night last night.

Volunteers were on top of the Dauphin Market Place Mall during their Annual Rooftop Campout.

The event raises money and creating awareness for Muscular Dystrophy Canada.

Marie Sorlie, Campout Coordinator, says it was a memorable night.

“It was cold; it went down to -27. We have one heater up there and have never camped at that cold temperature, so the heater just didn’t keep up. We have a donated heater from one of our volunteer firefighters, he’s going to bring that in and hopefully two heaters will be enough. It was cold, so we didn’t get much sleep.”

So far they raised over $10,000 for Muscular Dystrophy Canada of their $25,000 goal.

Yesterday a consultation to discuss the overhaul of the current Child and Family Services was held in Dauphin.

Minister of Families, Scott Fielding, met with Dauphin’s Metis Child and Family Services.

Judy Mayer, Manitoba Metis Federation Minister of Families, notes what they want to see happen:

“From the Metis perspective, we are always about family, keeping our kids in care, within their families for that support. We realize that our families are struggling, so we’re going to go back to our traditional ways of making sure that they are in the community or at least connected to a family member, if it’s not possible for the child to be in the community.  And the Minister is supportive of that; he understands that it’s the way to do it.”

Minister Fielding talks about what needs to happen when families can’t be reunited:

“If reunification of families is not possible because of safety reasons, and sometimes that does happen for CFS, providing some kind of permanent, lifelong connections for someone in the system is really important. I’ve heard some stories from youth that have had some experiences where them and friends of theirs that were in the CFS system had gone from many different foster homes and you didn’t have that attachment that was there; so we really need to make some changes and I’ve heard that very clearly and that is why our government is taking this head on.”

Changes to the CFS model are hoped to be in place by the fall.

The Dauphin and District Chamber of Commerce has plans to better represent the whole Parkland.

At the organization’s Year in Review meeting, the board agreed to look into changing their name.

Stephen Chychota, the executive director of the chamber, says this was one of the biggest topics discussed at the meeting.

 “We’re really playing a proactive approach here as best we can and catering to the actual area that we are here to serve. So looking into the change of becoming the Parkland Chamber of Commerce. So if all the boxes are checked off we could be changed by this time next year.”

The board passed a motion that said, if deemed fiscally responsible, they would begin changing the name in the next 12 months.

The Polar Plunge is set for tomorrow.

Participants raise money to jump into freezing cold water at Credit Union Place for Special Olympics Manitoba.

Michelle Meadows, Head Chair of Dauphin Polar Plunge explains the interest they’ve received so far.

“We’re hoping for around 20 people plunging on Saturday. We have two official teams and miscellaneous people (also) jumping. It’s pretty good for Dauphin as Portage had 23 or 25 jumpers. For our first time and being away from the perimeter, it will be a pretty good turnout.”

The Plunge’s registration starts at noon and participants begin jumping at 2:00 in the afternoon.