Dauphin, Canada

The prospect of a 4 way stop on a busy Dauphin Intersection is still in the works.

The intersection of River and Mountain is considered part of the provincial highway system which makes it a little trickier to make a change.

Sharla Griffiths, the Assistant CAO for the city, shares if there are any plans for the intersection.

 “Not at this time. However, we are working with Manitoba Infrastructure for some possible traffic control improvements there. Hopefully this year. We don’t have any concrete plans yet.”

The intersection has been on the City’s radar for several years.

Audrey Chartrand was elected as the Northwest Region Vice–President for the Manitoba Metis Federation.

She was sworn into office in a private ceremony earlier this week, on the 11th.

Two regional Board of Directors were also elected, they are Richard Genaille and John Parenteau.

The three representatives will serve until the next MMF election that is set for the year 2022.

Over 10 thousand dollars was raised this year during the 5th annual Dane Kaleta Memorial BBQ.

Taking place yesterday, the community came out to support the Ronald McDonald House and other community organizations.

Curtis Kaleta, one of the organizers of the BBQ, says it’s great to see the support from the community.

“Every year it seems to be great, a huge success every year. I think this year was just as good as last year and it always seems to be about that same amount raised, which is great to see. Great to see all the community out. We had two of the women from the Ronald McDonald House yesterday and they were just impressed with all the people that came out to support the BBQ.”

So far 5,170 was raised from the auctions. The current tally sits at more than 5,370 dollars with a few more numbers to factor in.

Money raised went towards the Dauphin Girl Guides, the Ronald McDonald House and the Dane Kaleta Scholarship Fund.

Supporting sick kids with medical expenses is the goal of the Little Valley Jamboree.

Taking place tomorrow and Sunday, this family-friendly festival offers live entertainment, great food, and a chance to help children in need.

Evelyn Lewandoski, is one of the organizers, and she says all the money raised goes to support families with medical bills.

“Most people have healthy children, and some of them never hear about all these children that are born with these different things that sometimes doctors can’t even put a name on them and how to treat them. So it’s very time consuming, very expensive for the parents to travel back and forth to doctors and they get sent here, they get sent there.”

Lewandoski explains how the money is used to support these kids.

“The children all have a trust fund that once the money is divided up and they are given the money. It’s in the trust fund, for medical expenses, and that’s about it. We don’t give all our money away every year. We just save a little bit in case we come across a child during the winter months that maybe we can help out.”

This year there are three kids who the fundraiser is going to support and help them get the therapies & treatments they need.

Lewandoski stresses that the jamboree is completely volunteer run and all money raised goes towards supporting these kids in need.

Manitoba Public Insurance plans to increase general insurance rates.

They requested a 2.2 percent overall rate increase for the 2019/20 insurance year with the Public Utilities Board.

If it’s approved that would mean the average passenger vehicle owner will pay about $27 more in premiums per year. That translates to $2.25 per month.

MPI says they are experiencing higher physical damage costs directly related to newer-model vehicles.

Over the past five years, collision claim costs have gone up about five percent per year. That’s compared to the prior long-term average of about two to three percent annually.

Two weeks' notice is what the R.M. of Dauphin is requesting from rate payers to give when it comes to applying dust control.

The R.M. has a pre-planned schedule for gravelling roads.

Dennis Forbes, Reeve, want the public to let them know before they apply dust control.

“I’d like to ask our residents that are in the process of providing their own dust control, if they would co-ordinate the application of that dust control with our public works foreman and the office. We need a little heads up preparation time because a number of the roads that people are talking about putting dust control on are slated for gravel.”

People are starting to apply dust control now to roads.

“We would appreciate two weeks, because we have had a number of people in the past day or event this morning, come in and say, ‘we’re putting dust control and l’m going to put it on tomorrow or the next day or the company is coming’ and so on. We can’t recct that quickly to do the gravel maintenance program on that particular road that we have planned on doing this year; so their dust control would be covered. We’re going to do the gravel maintenance, regardless, so if everybody could just co-ordinate their dust control with our office and everybody will enjoy their summer.”

This is to prevent residents who applied dust control before the road is gravelled, from losing the application.

Residents can call the public works office at 638-4531 to find out when their roads are being done and to notify their intention of putting down dust control.

The Grandview Municipality has now repaired the water main in the R.M.
Residents in the rural area can go back to normal water usage.
Highway 19 in Riding Mountain National Park has been re-opened.
It was closed earlier due to spring conditions.
The park would like to remind visitors to drive with extra caution, reduce your speed and increase your distance between other vehicles.
They'd also like visitors to be mindful of wildlife along the roadways.

Co-op Community Spaces Program donated $150,000 to help fund the construction of Phase Two of the Dauphin Derailleurs trail project.

At the future site of the trailhead, Lorne Eiffert, the General Manager of Dauphin Co-op made the announcement this morning.

Phase Two is expected to be located just north of Riding Mountain National Park entrance off of Highway 10.

Eiffert says this is one of the largest donations the program has ever given out.

“It’s a fantastic amount of money that’s being funded for the group. Dauphin Derailleurs was one of 24 recipients throughout western Canada to receive funding form Co-op Community Spaces Program. We had over 800 applications that came through. The criteria is, this one falls into the active healthy lifestyles, and building the community.”

Phase two will offer a family-friendly trail and can be used for all sorts of outdoor activities including running and hiking.

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Thunder rolled across parts of the province last night, with more extreme weather affecting parts of southwestern Manitoba.

Severe thunderstorm warnings were in effect for several communities located in that region, including Ste. Rose, McCreary, Alonsa, Gladstone, Minnedosa and even just over the Saskatchewan border into Yorkton.

There were reports of funnel clouds and baseball-sized hail, and Evinronment Canada confirmed that a tornado touched down in Waskada, just 300 km south of Dauphin.

The storm hit so hard, that it delayed the CFL’s season opener between the Blue Bombers and Eskimos twice, due to lightning around Investors’ Group Field.

Controlling dust on rural roads in the RM of Dauphin is a big concern for some residents.

It was an issue brought up during the most recent council meeting.

Laura Murray, the Chief Administrative Officer hopes residents get in contact with the municipal office before they put any fresh product down.

“What we do ask is if anyone wants to put dust control down, they are certainly allowed to, but if they would let us know ahead of time then we can make arrangements to prep their road so it’s ready and then the dust control can go down. They’ll have less damage potentially to their dust control.”

The RM no longer puts down dust control products after it was deemed too much of an expense and required too many man-hours.