Dauphin, Canada

Last night’s fire just west of Camperville has been reported under control with just a bit of smoke left in the area.

We’ll have more details on the cause of the fire as soon later on.

Yesterday’s fire in downtown Brandon destroyed one building, severely damaged three others and left hundreds of people without a home.

The fire began at Christie’s Office Plus around noon, located off of Pacific Avenue and Seventh Street.

Strong winds blew embers across the street and set the Massey Manor residence and the Beer and Vendor on Rosser Avenue on fire.

Mutual Aid was called and fire departments from Souris-Glenwood, Oakland-Wawanesa, Carberry and CFS Shilo responded to assist Brandon.

Christie’s Office Plus was complete lost to the fire. Massey Manor will have extensive water damage and the rooftop was completely destroyed. The Beer and Vendor will mostly likely be a loss as well.

As of midnight, firefighters were still trying to extinguish another fire on the east and west side of a building that houses Collyer’s Sales and Service, Brandon Boxing Club and Kazic Kontracting, just beside Christie’s Office Plus.

No one was injured in the fire and the cause of the fire is not known at this time.

Approximately 200 residents from the Massey Manor are without accommodation and the Red Cross and Manitoba Emergency Social Services are working on the matter.

A report has come in that there is a large fire on the west side of Camperville and it's heading towards the community.

Fire crew and trucks are responding to the scene.

We'll keep you update as soon as we know more.

 A report of a massive fire in the City of Brandon.

The fire started off in Christie’s Office Plus and completely engulfed in the building in flames.

Now reports of six buildings downtown have caught fire.

We’ll keep you updates as more comes in.

The City of Dauphin will be starting spring clean-up on Tuesday in the Day 1 area.

Once the area is complete, crews will work their way through the remainder of the 4 day cycle.

They’ll be picking up items such as garden waste, grass, leaves, shrubs, and tree branches.

The city would like to remind the public that only compostable materials will be picked up and they must be free of recyclables and household waste.

Items will be picked up from the back lanes or boulevards near the curb.

Large equipment will be used to pick up items, so ensure it is close to the lane or curb to avoid property damage.

Composting materials can be dropped off anytime at the City’s Waste Disposal site where the composting materials are.

For more information call 622-3202.

Reports of a massive fire in the City of Brandon.

Christie’s Office Plus is completely engulfed in flames.

We’ll keep you updates as more comes in.

The Watson Art Centre is hosting a Lunch and Learn session with Glenella author, Jessie Klassen.

She’s going to be teaching mindfulness and how to connect with nature, which are some of the themes in her children’s book, “The Sapling”.

Although the book is for children, the teachings and activities are something that people of all ages can enjoy.

Klassen talks about how technology impacts us all.

“Especially now-a-days there’s so much technology and added artificial additives and preservatives in our food. All these things that are affecting who we are and our children and their behaviours, so all these techniques, because they’re nature based really help bring us back to a state of balance.’

The Lunch and Learn session is from noon to 1:00 in the afternoon on Thursday

A fire ban on all open fires has been put in effect in Riding Mountain National Park because of the extreme fire hazard.

We'll let you know when the ban is lifted.

This morning at Tim Horton’s in Dauphin, residents could visit with local RCMP at Coffee With A Mountie.

This week wraps up National Police Week and members of the detachment were available to chat with and answer any questions people may have.

Nolan Suss, Staff Sergeant and Area Commander of the Parkland Detachment, tells us what level the detachment is staffed at currently.

“Well the RCMP is always recruiting and we’re always turning over people. Actually we are at strength plus one, so we have one extra right now, but we have people coming and going. We’re going to be losing three more this summer and getting more in as well; it’s always a constant rotation.”

Suss noted what kinds of crime in the area, keeps them busy.

“Dauphin has the gamut. We have a little bit of everything.  We have a lot of property crime, there’s a drug scene here as well, and your regular assaults and that kind of stuff, so anything you see in the big city, we have in Dauphin.”

The Parkland Detachment covers a big area, from Grandview, Ethelbert, Dauphin, South of Moon Lake and to Ochre River.

Thanks to the recent rainfall, McCreary has dropped their fire ban.
The removal of the ban is effective immediately.

Norman Brass, of Swan River, appeared in court on Wednesday facing charges of Manslaughter.

On February 18, RCMP found a 36-year-old man deceased in a home in Swan River.

Brass has been remanded into custody until his next court appearance, which is June 20.