Dauphin, Canada

Bev Harvey, also known as Bright Star Medicine Cloud Woman, from Dauphin, is receiving a very special recognition today in Winnipeg.

She is receiving the Helping Hands Hope Award, from the Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba, for her efforts in helping people in the Parkland area, with their personal journeys in recovery and healing.

Harvey talks about why she helps others:

“It’s when I see the smiles and the nods of appreciation, then see them down the road and they come and tell me, ‘thank you for speaking, it really helped me.’  To be able to share my story honestly and openly has helped people a great deal and it gives me great pleasure.”

She has survived substance abuse, sexual trauma, the residential school system, being arrested, suicidal feelings, and self-harming, and has been a beacon of hope for others.

William Pelletier, 25-years-old, from Dauphin, made another court appearance yesterday.

Pelletier is facing numerous charges in connection with a shooting incident in Pine Creek First Nation.

This past December, reports came in of a vehicle chase on the reserve that resulted in a male firing a shot into the ground, but no one was injured.

Pelletier returns to court on March 22nd, in Camperville.
Brandon City Police are searching for a 15-year-old boy who has been missing for a week.

Ty Nelson Berard was dropped off by a care-provider to visit a friend and has not been seen or heard from since.

Berard is 5' 8", 90 pounds, with short straight brown hair, brown eyes, slender build, with a fair complexion.

He was last seen wearing a black Helly Hansen winter jacket, black sunglasses, black shoes, and carrying a black backpack.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Brandon Police Service at 204-729-2345, or Crime Stoppers at 204-727-5477.

Are you looking to learn about how to do renovations to your home?

There are some workshops being held at the DRCSS starting on Thursday, teaching basic home repair skills.

Joan Chetyrbok, Marketing Manager for the Dauphin Co-op, talks about how and why these workshops are being held:

“We have partnered with Dauphin Neighbourhood Renewal for a series of free home repair workshops.  Our goals are to give assistance to home-owners and tenants, the skills to complete small projects, to repair or improve the condition of their homes on their own, and saving them money.”

To sign up, call Dauphin Neighbourhood Renewal, at 204-622-3146.

With the new state-of-the-art greenhouse being built in Dauphin, a lot of people will be employed.

Once the facility is fully operational, over 50 people could be working for Vermillion Growers.

Lucky Deschauer talks about who the company has already begun hiring within the community:

“We’ve started hiring people currently.  Most of the people now are technical people, as well as growers and scouts that are going to be going through training.  So, they’ll be trained over the next year, year and a half, and once we are up and running with the full 30 acres, we’ll be at about 50 and 60 full-time people, and anywhere between 70 and 80 part-time people.”

Initially, Vermillion Growers is planning to hire labourers for their new facility, to be built in the north end of Dauphin.

The threat of spring flooding in lakes around the Parkland is low.

Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler says the risk of major flooding is currently low for all lakes including Lake Manitoba, Lake Winnipegosis and Dauphin Lake.

The provincial government released their report and shows the combination of drier soil conditions in the fall and the below average winter precipitation reduces the risk.   

The use of flood management infrastructure may be limited this spring, with the Shellmouth Dam continuing operations to reach summer levels after the spring run-off.

The South Parkland Healthy Child Coalition is hosting The Good, The Bad and The Munsch!

The event will be a series of plays done by the Prairie Theatre Exchange, based on Robert Munsch’s children’s books.

Cathy Cyr, member of the South Parkland Healthy Child Coalition, explains how the event has become a yearly event for the community:

“We’ve been doing this for a number of years, that we host Manitoba Theatre Centre to come here.  We’ve always made it free, but some years it’s been more difficult to get [people] out, but we’ve probably been doing the Munsch event for 5 years now.”

The event will be in Dauphin at the 8th Avenue Hall, on Sunday at 2:00 in the afternoon, and is free to attend.

Rural rate payers around Grandview have concerns about their taxes going to pay for urban issues.

Vern Nelson, former 2-term rural councillor before amalgamation, says the issue of the Water and Sewer Renewal Project should only cost those who it directly benefits:

“I think it basically has to be the users that have to assume the responsibility for what happens within their own area.”

Lyle Morran, the Mayor of Grandview, says residents in the municipality feel strongly about the issue of what the town does with their sewer and water revitalization efforts:

“Well the rural area, because of the land assessment being so high, they do pay a higher percentage of taxes, but then they have more value to their land.  But they don’t want to be paying for the town problems, so we had made that decision to put that only on the town tax payers if we go ahead with it.”

During the Grandview Municipality’s council meeting, on December 19th, the council voted to rescind a previous decision to go forward with funding the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund.

Reducing the number of councillors on the Municipality of Grandview’s council also was a concern at the meeting.  The community has questioned if 4 is enough.

Morran shares the council’s initial view on this matter:

“We felt it would be more efficient.  We know that the 8 plus 1 was too much.  It seemed like a little bit of the people here, which is predominantly rural, felt there was quite a few town people, but figure we could go to 6 but not 4.  They feel that it’s going to become a full-time job and it might eliminate people from running.”

Council is now going to discuss what they heard, at their next council meeting on Tuesday.

The Rotary Club is celebrating a major anniversary today.

Kathy Bellemare, Membership Chair for Dauphin Rotary Club, explains why today is so special:

“Today has been designated as World Peace and Understanding Day.  It’s actually the anniversary of the start of Rotary, it started on February 23rd, 1905, and so that’s why today has been selected.”

The Dauphin Rotary Club currently has 35 members and runs various programs throughout the year promoting peace, fighting disease, saving mothers and children, supporting education, growing local economies, and providing clean drinking water around the world.

The City of Dauphin has announced a road closure for today.

Margaret Avenue, from Johnson Street to Laura Street, will be closed to all traffic to repair a water main leak.

Be prepared to detour.

The Dauphin Rotary Club’s Speakeasy Event is almost here.

It’s scheduled for Saturday and will be a pop-up night club, with a 1920’s prohibition theme.

Kara Vanderheyden, of the Dauphin Rotary Club, explains the buzz behind the event:

“With it being the first event like this in Dauphin, we're going to see what the response is, and I’m thinking we’re going to get a good response, because everyone I know who has bought tickets is really excited for the event.  Hopefully this will be an annual thing.  This year, the proceeds will go to the Women’s Crisis Centre; maybe next year, if there’s a different local organization that wants to partner with us, proceeds can go to a different organization.”

The event is on February 24th, and for tickets contact the Dauphin Rotary Club.