Dauphin, Canada

Rossburn is no longer under a boil water advisory.

It was started back on May 7 when the community’s water treatment plant suffered a line break.


Fires continue to break out today around Dauphin.
Right now a massive brush fire is burning just one mile north and two miles east of Dauphin at Road 147 N and Road 108 W.
The Dauphin Fire Department is on scene and a call for all additional members to attend.
Earlier a grass fire broke out again north of Dauphin off Stoney Point Beach Road.

We'll keep you updated as information becomes available.
A grass fire has broken out again north of Dauphin  off Stoney Point Beach Road.
The Dauphin Fire Department is currently on scene.
We'll keep you updated as information becomes available.

Four grass fires and one house fire kept the Dauphin Fire Department busy all weekend.

The first fire broke out Saturday afternoon after 2:30, and was a large grass fire by Stoney Point which was coming close to a home. Ochre River and Sifton Fire Departments were called in to help with the wide spread of the fire. The wind conditions pushed the fire on both sides of the Wilson River.  This fire was deliberately set and without a permit.

Cam Abrey, Fire Chief, noted there was a second fire in Vermillion Park

“Just after 5:00 p.m., we had a grass fire here within the City of Dauphin in Vermillion Park. So while we’re still at the fire at Stoney Point, three youth from the City of Dauphin stopped in at the fire hall to report that there was a patch of grass on fire.  We dispatched another truck over to that area in Vermillion Park just on the west side of Vermillion River and they quickly extinguished that fire. Thanks to the three boys that came in and reported that; it was quickly contained.”

When the crew returned from Stoney Point, they were dispatched again at 10:50 p.m. to go and assist Sifton with a fire near the old rail bed by the community pasture. Both fire departments battled the blaze until 3:00 a.m. on Sunday.

Abrey went to check on Stoney Point later on in the afternoon and found someone set a second fire on the south side of the Vermillion River. There was a risk of it jumping the dyke and damaging cottages, so Dauphin contacted Ochre River Fire Department again to help them with some back burn techniques to control the fire.

While battling this blaze, a call came in about a structure fire in the Dauphin in the northeast end. A single car detached garage was engulfed in flames and spread to the home.  The basement and attic in the home were in flames.  The fire was put out at 11:00 p.m. and there were no injuries.  There are no estimates at this time as to the amount of damage but the fire was deemed as accidental electrical, stemming from the garage.

Once again, there were no permits issued for any of the grass fires set this weekend and anyone burning without a permit is subject to fines under the Wildfires Act in the Province of Manitoba. Anyone with any information on any of the grass fires that were lit this week is asked to call the Dauphin Fire Department or Dauphin RCMP.

Helping to feed those in need is something the Dauphin Food Bank works hard at.

The organization goes all year round.

Robin Gambler, Chair for the group, tells us the details of the upcoming AGM.

“It’s at Parkland Crossing in the cafeteria tonight at 7:00 p.m.”

There currently aren't any open board member positions, but the organization is always looking for volunteers.

With the warm weather in tow, gardeners are anxious to get planting and the food bank is promoting their Grow and Row initiative.

Gambler tells us how this works.

“We’re hoping that people with large gardens will grow a row of carrots, potatoes or cucumbers and donate them, because a lot of our clients, when they come in, that’s such a treat; having fresh vegetables from a garden. A lot of them rent and not all landlords allow gardens.”

Fresh produce is accepted any time at the food bank; however they must follow strict food guidelines and can’t accept any homemade baking or canning.

If anyone is looking to volunteer with the food bank or find out how they can help, come to the meeting tonight and learn what it's all about.

Local businesses are fed up with the amount of shoplifting that is happening.

Bruce Kozak, owner of Pass the Pop, has seen it happening too much lately.

“From what I’ve seen, there are definitely groups of people going around shoplifting and causing trouble in town. They’re usually together as family, so like mother, daughter or mother, sister or it could be like girlfriend and boyfriend combination, but they are definitely going in pairs."

Sherri Gardner, owner of Super Thrifty Pharmacy, has had a variety of different things taken.

“We’ve noticed it more now because we have cameras everywhere so we’re watching. We’ve had people steal almost $300 in clothing, and we’ve had people steal hair dyes and make up; and it’s been happening more and more.  We’ve just been really vigilant in watching the cameras.”

Gardiner had to install cabinets to lock up makeup because the theft of it was getting so bad, she was losing money and had to quit selling it for a month.

Both Kozak and Gardiner said it’s hard for businesses to recover losses and unfortunately it makes the prices of merchandise go up that much more because businesses can’t lose money and stay in business.

Kozak noted that a lot of businesses don’t know what they can do when they catch a shoplifter, because they don’t want to be breaking the law.

Businesses are encouraged to come to a meeting put on by Riehl Securities tomorrow at noon in the Lion’s Den.

A fire that broke out this morning outside of Dauphin is still going.

It started near the mouth of the Vermillion River and fire crews are still on scene.

We will have updates for you when they become available.


Manitoba Hydro reports that approximately 99 customers in Dauphin are experiencing a power outage.

It's due to a tractor knocking down pole and causing lines to fall on the machine.

No one was injured during the incident.

MB Hydro crews are working to restore service and there is no estimated time as to when it will be back on.

A report came in that the Dauphin Fire Department has been battling a fire that broke out near the Wilson River and Stoney Point area earlier this afternoon.  

Firefighters had spent over four hours battling the blaze.

Meanwhile second report came in that there was another fire near Bacon Ridge.

Recently a third report of a fire by Ukraina, near Ethelbert, in a community pasture, has broken out and the Dauphin Fire Department is currently on scene.

We will provide updates as soon as they become available.

Robert Kristjanson of Gimli is one of 12 Manitobans to receive the Order of Manitoba this July.

Kristjanson has been a commercial fisher for 70 years in the Interlake region.

He increased public awareness and inspired initiatives to address the growing algae problem in Lake Winnipeg.

He also led the implementation of the Canadian Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries, served in the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary for 35 years and volunteers to a variety of community organizations.

Along with Kristjanson, Robb Nash is being presented with the Order of Manitoba.

Nash is known for using his music to influence young people and share his story. He has performed for students in Dauphin and Gilbert Plains.

Nash survived a near fatal accident which sent his world spiraling. He shares his recovery story and inspires students facing issues such as bullying, addiction, self-harm and suicide.

He performs at schools, reservations and detention centres across Canada. Nash has received over 800 suicide notes turned in from students, after his performances in the past five years.

Kristjanson and Nash will be presented the honour at the Manitoba Legislative Building at a special ceremony.

The Crown finished presenting its case yesterday in the death of Garnet Baptiste from Ebb and Flow First Nation.

Raymond Bonser, Robert Laba and Regan Carlson are pleading not guilty to manslaughter.

Statements from Bonser and Laba were presented indicating that Baptiste began fighting with two of the accused, which led to the incident.

Bonser’s initial statement after the incident indicates he was sleeping, when Laba banged on the door saying Carlson was being attacked.

He then grabbed a lamp, but never hit Baptiste with it; instead he swung and missed, then hit the ground with it.

Carlson’s version of the story said they had drinks with Baptiste and went back to the room.

He said Baptiste tried to fight him and it looked like he went to reach for brass knuckles from his pocket.

Carlson said he was hit in the head multiple times before Laba and he were able to get out of the room where he then squared off against him.

He claimed that he was covered in blood from being struck and had the right to defend himself, so he punched Baptiste once and he hit the ground.

Carlson said that Bonsor and Laba came behind him and took over. Bonsor hit Baptiste in the chest with something while Laba stomped on his head.

Carlson said he felt disorientated when he went back to his room and called his mom. She instructed him to get a lawyer and medical attention.

The trial continues on Monday and the defence can call their witnesses to the stand.