Dauphin, Canada

$40,000 has been set aside to build the new compost site for Dauphin.

After four years, the project was approved last fall and will be constructed in the landfill site.

Bill Brenner, City of Dauphin Public Works Manager, talks about the impact of the green waste bins on the project.

“We’ve been collecting those materials. We have a huge pile of compostable material at the disposal site right now and that stuff will all get moved into the compost site once it’s operational.”

The construction will begin sometime this summer.

The composted materials will be used within the city, but they hope to achieve a certain level of standard of compost before they consider what to do with the excess amounts.

Local businesses came out to a meeting hosting by Riehl Securities yesterday to discuss the issues with shoplifters in the community.

Representatives from approximately 24 businesses asked questions of what more can be done.

They’re spending money on surveillance equipment as a form of loss prevention, but get frustrated when shoplifters are caught on camera and nothing gets done.

Kerri Riehl, from Riehl Securities explained that although the Crown doesn’t prosecute shoplifting cases, store can ban individuals from their store.

She also said the unfortunate part is some of these are repeat offenders who never get a criminal record, then can go apply to work with vulnerable people and put them at risk.

The biggest challenge is the loss businesses face when stuff gets stolen.

They have to recover the cost by increasing prices or cutting back on staff.

Another huge risk to businesses is the safety of their staff and customers. Riehl strongly recommended to business owners to not try to apprehend shoplifters.  Some of them could be high, violent or suffering from a mental illness and having an episode.  People must be properly trained to do security on this level.

A survey was handed out and businesses were to share their views on some of the options and express concerns they had with the issue.

Many showed interest in a local database identifying those who are caught shoplifting and are banned from other store.

Another meeting will be planned in the near future.

Reports of a fire on the west side of Grandview this afternoon had conservation fire crew and helicopter out to the scene.
The fire continues to burn and originated about one mile from the Duck Mountains.
The concern was with the wind gusting at the rate it is, the fire could've quickly spread to the Duck Mountain Provincial Park and Forest however the direction of the wind has changed, pushing the fire away from the park.
We'll keep you updated as more details become available.

Some changes to the original Gilbert Plains Hall Project will be brought up at a public meeting tonight.

Residents are invited to come to the hall at 7:00 in the evening to hear more about it.

The committee has to make some changes to the original plan of lifting the hall, fixing the foundation and building an addition for washrooms and a new kitchen.

They are faced with, building a new foundation, replacing the roof, and upgrading to Phase 3 power.

Reeve Blake Price, explains why in kind work is no longer an option, like what was discussed two years ago.

“Back at that point and time we talked somewhat about trying to phase this project and do a little bit more ‘in-kind’ work from within the community. It’s almost impossible when we are taking the roof off and lifting the building and putting a new roof on, you can’t really phase it, or that’s the way we feel today.  So it will be a complete turnkey project.”

Currently the group has raised 70 percent of the money needed to finish the project and with the changes to the plans and the cost of inflation since the project was discussed two years ago, the committee is looking at an estimated cost of about $1 million dollars.

The committee is looking for feedback from residents and would like to take it to Council to make a decision. The longer it takes to make a decision, the greater the risk of losing $500,000 in federal funding, along with a few other grants.

Alcohol can now legally be allowed at provincial campgrounds during the May long weekend.

The province is ending this ban for the first time since 1995.

The ban was established due to the outbreak of alcohol related incidents that would happen every May long weekend.

Since the ban, the numbers have drastically reduced, which is why the provincial government has lifted it.

Alcohol free camping will still be available at a number of provincial campsites.

The Dauphin Fire Department is on scene putting out a fire that started in a wooded area, just north of Dauphin, off Road 108W.

Reports are that it rekindled from yesterday's fire at that location.

We will continue to follow this and have updates when they become available.

Around 167 customers in the Ethlebert area now have power.
The area experienced an unscheduled power outage this morning, but Manitoba Hydro has since restored the power.

Yesterday afternoon the Dauphin Fire department responded to two fire calls.

The first one was the rekindling of the fire from the weekend out at Stoney Point.

A change in the direction of the wind caused it to start up again.

The second fire took place in a yard, where a pole shed, camper and car were on fire.

Winds then carried embers across to an unoccupied two story house which caught on fire.

The fire originated in some long grass where workers had created sparks by accident when they struck a sledgehammer to adjust a ramp.

The sparks ignited the grass and rapidly spread.

There were no injuries and the department got the fire under control and extinguished by 4:00 this morning.

The Dauphin Food Bank is in dire need of land to grow a crop for 2019.

Last year the organization raised approximately $24,000 thanks to the harvest of a soybean crop.

1/3 of proceeds went to the Food For Thought Program, which provided hot meals twice a week to Dauphin students.

This year the food bank has been unable to secure any land to repeat the success.

Last year's crop covered the rising cost of the Christmas hamper program and without that income, the program will struggle.

This past Christmas, 476 hampers were needed for Dauphin and area.

If you know of some land that could be leased for the cause, contact Robin Gambler at 638-5707

A Gimli resident is one of 12 to receive the Order of Manitoba.

Robert Kristjanson has served on the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary for 35 years.

Kristjanson created public awareness about the growing algae problem on Lake Winnipeg.

“It goes all the way back to when we were fight the waters from the United States and that goes all the way back to then when we first got started. Of course I have been so about water.  To me if we don’t have good water, we won’t have fish and when we see this algae had got started it just about floored us.  I did everything I could.”

He has been a commercial fisher in the Interlake region for 70 years and volunteer with various local community groups.

Kristjanson will receive the honour in July at a special ceremony at the Manitoba Legislative Building.

Rossburn is no longer under a boil water advisory.

It was started back on May 7 when the community’s water treatment plant suffered a line break.