Dauphin, Canada
Dauphin's Street Fair won't be the only thing getting attention today.

The Gilbert Plains Country Club is receiving a large donation from some dedicated community members.

After much preparation and volunteer help, the Swan River Northwest Round Up and Exhibition kicks off tonight.

A photographer can thank technology for the quick help they received after a nasty fall in Riding Mountain National Park.

Courtesy of Chemawawin RCMP
Charges have been laid in an investigation into an online video that shows a man throwing a puppy into the air and letting it fall to the ground.

A unique photo-gallery will be featured tomorrow during Dauphin's Street Fair.

Live music is descending on Dauphin but this time at the youth level.

Grain shipment stoppage at the Port Of Churchill has left grain producers and many people in shock.

Layoffs at the Port of Churchill have hit people in Churchill and Manitoba by storm.

The Parkland Crop Diversification Foundation is holding its annual field day south of Roblin.