Dauphin, Canada

Dauphin’s Habitat for Humanity has found their family.

During the unveiling yesterday at the location of the new home it was announced that Leona Mazurat and her kids will be moving into the future home.

Natalie Yaworsky Doan, the Chairperson for the Family Selection Committee, spoke with us at the unveiling yesterday, about the family.

“The family that was chosen was by Habitat For Humanity Manitoba is Leona Mazurat and her three children Ethan, Leia, and Lexi. They’ve lived in Dauphin now for 8 years. They exhibited criteria that Habitat had asked for the applicants which is: showing need, ability to repay, and willing to partner with habitat.”

Leona Mazurat had to keep the secret of their selection for over a week, she wasn’t even allowed to tell her kids.

“I was shocked, to be honest, I didn’t know how it was going to play out. I don’t know, I was just shocked!”

Now that Habitat has officially chosen the family, Rodney Juba, the President of the Dauphin Chapter, says the group can now go and create designs for an appropriate house for the family of four.

The City of Dauphin’s delegation to the RM’s council meeting tomorrow won’t be taking place.

Over the past couple days Mayor Dowhan and Reeve Dennis Forbes had discussions about the closure of Range Road 144N.

Reeve Forbes spoke with us this morning about what was decided over the weekend.

 “We were going to entertain a delegation from the City to discuss this infamous Rampton Mile. Over the weekend conversations with the mayor and I, we’ve come to find some common ground and that delegation is no longer necessary. Continuing dialogue between Al and I and councils will find a solution that works for everyone.” 

The RM council will discuss their thoughts on the road and the Reeve will share information about his conversations with the mayor.   

“I will be presenting thoughts, and these are just thoughts that Al and I have talked about.”

“But these conversations will happen in camera,” Forbes said. “We won’t be open discussion in front of the public or reporters until we come to a decision that works for everyone.”

The RM council meeting will take place tomorrow at 9 at the RM office.

A kids' camp is being put on again this year at the Fort Dauphin Museum.

It’s open to children of all ages with a variety of themes and activities.

Theresa Deyholos, Fort Dauphin Manager/Curator, tells us all the details.

“It’s from July 19 to August 13, and it’s from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The cost is $15 dollars per day or $60 a week and if you require any more information you can contact our office at 638-6630 or send us a quick email at fortdphn@ mymts.net.”

Parents are asked to send a lunch with children, but the fort will provide snacks.

Two mayors faced off to see which one of their former residents, now turned NHL coaches, would be taking home the Stanley Cup.

Dowhan made a bet with the Mayor of Summerside, PEI, Bill Martin over which of one of the team’s coaches would be a part of winning the big game.

Mayor Dowhan’s proud to say a former Dauphin resident’s name will be on the Stanley Cup.

“First of all congratulations to the Washington Capitals and to their coach Barry Trotz and the whole team on winning the Stanley Cup. It was good to see somebody with a Dauphin connection’s name on the Stanley Cup.”

Martin called Dowhan this past Friday, to acknowledge he lost the bet and the two were going over schedules to plan when Dowhan will take the trip.

This will be the third time Dowhan has been to Summerside and he’s looking forward to the trip.

There’s a slight joke between the two mayors, that if Dowhan brings his golf clubs, maybe Martin can win some money back.

The details of the trip haven’t been finalized yet but will be very soon.

Manitoba Hydro is making an effort to save hawks from being electrocuted by poles and prevent power outages in the Interlake region.

They’ve built dozens of platforms next to transmission poles for the nesting osprey.

The birds tend to build nests on top of hydro poles and risk being electrocuted.

There’s also concern around the twigs in their nests creating power outages or even fires when they tie them on to the lines.

In an effort to keep plastic straws from winding up in bodies of water, A&W restaurants all over Canada are replacing them with biodegradable paper straws.

Paper straws will biodegrade when tossed out in three to six months and will usually last two to three hours in a beverage before breaking down.

Restaurants will start converting this August, and all of the A&W locations will be switched over by January 2019.

This will prevent approximately 82 million plastic straws from winding up in bodies of water and landfill sites yearly.

A storm warning and rainy weather didn't stop the Dauphin Relay For Life last night.

$27,600 was raised for the Canadian Cancer Society during the event at the Credit Union Place.

Organizers said the relay was a success and overall a great evening.

The Lundar Fair continues today.

There’s a whole bunch of entertainment to check out this year at the fair located in the community south of Eriksdale.

Cynthia Wirgau, the Secretary-Treasurer for the Lundar Ag Society, is excited about all the new activities at the fair this year.

“We are hosting the Manitoba Simmental Association Summer Show, we do have the RCMP Hockey Speed Challenge and also they’ll have baseball for kids to check out who has the fastest pitch and slap shot. Big Daddy Taz will be performing Saturday afternoon on the free stage.”

A bunch of events and activities are back including the Miss Interlake Pageant, Home Living Exhibits, and free entertainment at the grandstand..

The fair runs until 6 today at the fairgrounds in Lundar with the crowing of Miss Interlake at 5:15.

Want to learn how to reduce the amount of waste you throw out each week?

The Dauphin Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation is hosting a free composting workshop at the West-End Community Garden.

The event takes place on Saturday starting at 10:00 in the morning until noon.

Alison Moss, Community Liaison for the group, tells us what participants will learn about.

“Really we’ll start off with what we can do with our kitchen, garden and waste scraps. What can go in a composter and what cannot.  Then Patti Eilers, who leads these, actually has some plans for composters that you can build yourself.  She brought them last year and they were quite popular.  So it will be a mix and again I encourage people to come with their questions and if we can’t answer them at this site, then we’ll certainly endeavour to find answers.”

Participants are asked to bring a lawn chair and a non-perishable food item for the Dauphin Food Bank.

If it’s raining, the workshop will be moved to the Dauphin Friendship Centre.

To register call Alison at 622-3146.

70 students of the Assiniboine Community College Parkland Campus will be attending the Graduation Ceremony today.

In total, the campus located in Dauphin has 107 graduates this year.

Director of ACC Parkland Campus Gabe Mercier spoke to us about this year’s graduating class and lets us know some of the degrees that are being awarded.

“We will be doing the Comprehensive Healthcare Aid Program, which is very popular. We’ll also be doing the Business Administration. This year we are also graduating Level 4 Carpentry Journey Persons as well. Then we have all the mature high school diploma as well, which is very popular. We have Applied Counselling as well, which is a popular program that is 5 month, 2-year program that students take.”

 Mercier says this year there are 20 students that qualify for the Distinction Award.  Also at the award presentation dinner, individual program awards and scholarships will be handed out.

The Graduation Ceremony starts at 2 in the afternoon at Credit Union Place with a dinner and awards presentation beginning at 5. There is a pre-grad BBQ starting at 11:30.

Zach Zurba won the DRCSS’ attendance draw this afternoon.

He won a 2004 Chevy Avalanche truck.

There are five students who were also acknowledged for their perfect attendance.

They are;
• Rogan Crowhurst,
• Mervin Li,
• Kelsey Tarrant,
• Raif Tkatchuk,
• Brielle Maguet