730 CKDM - The Parklands Best

Programming Schedule

730 CKDM prides itself on its entertaining and informative programming. For the latest and greatest, turn to 730 CKDM or listen online!

Daily and Weekly Programming
6:52am Daily Ag Today Update
7:18am Daily Ag Today Morning Farm News
7:21am Daily Ag Today Market Review
7:44am Daily Birthday Greetings (except Sundays)
7:47am Daily Ag Today Update
8:18am Daily Ag Today Update
8:37am Tuesdays The Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy Feature
8:37am Thursdays Parkland Job Opportunity Centre’s Employment Tips
9:41am Daily Ag Today Market Review
10:05am Saturdays CKDM Top 10 Countdown
10:19am Daily Ag Today Market Review
11:08am Daily Bargain Bin
12:15pm Daily Ag Today Calendar
12:20pm Daily Ag Today Noon Hour Edition
1:41pm Daily Ag Today Market Review
2:19pm Daily Ag Today Market Review
3:42pm Daily

Dauphin Vet Clinic Pet Patrol  

12 pm  Sundays

Canadian Country Top 30 Countdown (3 hours)

8:00pm Sundays


10:00pm Sundays "no fences" with Bruce Leperre

Sunday Religious Programming

8:30 AM

Wings of Healing

9:00 AM

Living Word Radiocast

9:30 AM

Reaching Out Ministries