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Thursday, 09 April 2015 06:16

Morning News - April 9


Spring Melt In The RM Going A-Ok
Spring melt in the RM of Dauphin is going far better than expected so far this year.
Reeve Dennis Forbes says this has been this best melt in several years, since at least 2010.
Forbes says residents have been pretty so far, which he jokingly adds is good sign there's been no major issues.
He's says as the roads are drying, maintainers are already being sent out to fix them up to get the RM ready for summer.


Killed Pedestrian Had Right Of Way, Say Police

Winnipeg police say a 72-year-old woman who died after being hit by a city transit bus had the right of way.

The woman was crossing the street on a green light when she was hit by the bus, which was turning right. She was knocked under the wheels and died at the scene.

A friend speaking to media said the woman was on the way to a doctor's appointment.

She called her a careful person who was always telling her to stay on the sidewalk until it was safe to cross.

Police continue their investigation.


H5N2 Confirmed In Ontario

Health officials say a bird flu outbreak at a southwestern Ontario turkey farm is caused by the same virus that triggered outbreaks in BC and nine US states in recent months.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says the culprit is a highly pathogenic H5N2 virus.

The agency has quarantined the affected farm near Woodstock, as well as eight other surrounding farms as a precaution.

The CFIA says more than 10,000 turkeys have died so far and the remaining 34,000 birds will be euthanized in an effort to arrest any spread of the virus.


Prep Begins For Manitoba Summer Fair

There's no rest for the wicked.

Organizers from the Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba are only just wrapping up this years Royal Manitoba Winter Fair.

General manager Ron Kristjansson says now it's time to get ready for the Manitoba Summer Fair.

Kristjansson says attendance for this years Royal Manitoba Winter Fair is estimated at about 102,000, which he says is slightly down from the year before.


Saskatchewan Group Wants Grain Backlog Issues Resolved

The president of Saskatchewan's general farm group says something needs to be done to resolve a backlog of grain shipments this crop year.

Norm Hall, president of the Agricultural Producers Assocation of Saskatchewan, is unhappy with removal of the federal minimum grain volume regulations.

He says it would have been nice to have a stronger Bill C30, but without it, farmers will have to show patience and make sure the transportation review gets done properly.

Hall says the railways are running about 11 per cent behind in hopper car delivery since the start of the crop year, last August first.


Ukraine Pianist Still Set For Calgary Performance

A Ukrainian-born pianist who has been barred from performing with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra over what it called her "deeply offensive'' comments will still be playing with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra later this year.

Healther Slater of the CPO says their agreement with Valentina Lisitsa is as a guest artist, regardless of her political views.

Lisitsa, an ethnic Russian born in Ukraine who now lives in the United States, said she had been accused by the Toronto orchestra of inciting hatred on Twitter because of her comments on the conflict in Ukraine.

She said she had been exercising her right to free speech as she spoke out against the atrocities of the civil war in the country, particularly those committed against the Russian minority in Ukraine's eastern and southern regions.

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Reports say Semi hit Portage overpass

Friday, 17 November 2017 19:27
Reports say Semi hit Portage overpass

Reports are saying that a westbound semi hit the Portage overpass on the Trans Canada highway this evening.

Truck slid off bridge into icy water this morning

Friday, 17 November 2017 16:06
Truck slid off bridge into icy water this morning

A 73 year old man from St. Claude, which is south of Portage, rolled his truck this morning.

"Help Yourself to Stay Warm and Well" helping those in need

Friday, 17 November 2017 12:52

Those in need of warm clothing can find what they need at the “Help Yourself to Stay Warm and Well" event.

Pallister injured while on vacation

Friday, 17 November 2017 11:01
Pallister injured while on vacation

The Premier was hospitalised overnight in New Mexico after suffering a broken arm and other cuts and bruises.