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Tuesday, 05 May 2015 06:38

Morning News - May 5

Dauphin's 2015 Financial Plan Tabled
Spending is going up this year, but the City of Dauphin's municipal mill rate is staying the same.
Dauphin CAO Brad Collett presented the 2015 financial plan to the public yesterday at City Hall. Only media attended.
Almost $1.3 million is pegged for roads, streets, and sidewalks this year, compared to $1.04 million last year.
Collett said in his presentation that there are no program cuts, and increased capital and cultural spending in 2015. The mill rate remains at 21.27.
The city's debt is expected to be under $1.29 million by the end of 2015, with most of that coming from the utility fund.
Dry Conditions Could Last Through May

Precipitation levels in western and southern Manitoba were down significantly in April from seasonal normals.

A warning preparedness meteorologist with Environment Canada says we'd need to have many rainy days in May for the region to catch up.

Natalie Hassell warns though at this time, the forecast isn't showing much rain coming.

The dry conditions should get a brief reprieve here in Dauphin over the next couple days as Environment Canada is predicting periods of rainfall between today and Thursday.


Flooded Farmers Receive Compensation

Four years after their fields were artificially flooded due to the operation of the Shellmouth dam, dozens of farmers in western Manitoba are set to receive compensation from the province.

A government spokesman tells the Winnipeg Free Press that 10 claims worth more than $220,000 have now been approved.

The government says it's received 80 claims for compensation for artificial flooding under an obscure Manitoba law proclaimed in early 2011 covering farmers adversely affected by the operation of the dam.

Manitoba has also admitted that artificial flooding occurred in 2012. It has yet to decide whether it will pay claims for flooding in 2014.


Pasture Tips For Cattle Producers

Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development is advising cattle producers to wait before turning cattle out to summer pasture.

Forage and Pasture Specialist Tim Clark says it's best to hold off until the pasture grasses get to the three to four-leaf stage.

Clark adds the general rule of thumb is that for every day you hold off at this time of year equals two or three more days of grazing in the late summer and fall.


Feds Appeal Khadr Bail Decision

The federal government has filed a formal notice of appeal of an Alberta judge's decision to grant Omar Khadr bail while he fights his terrorism convictions in the U-S.

Ottawa also wants a stay of the ruling pending disposition of the case.

The government will make its case before Alberta's court of appeal this morning, arguing that the Edmonton judge had no jurisdiction to hear Khadr's bail application.

It also insists Canada will suffer irreparable harm if the former Guantanamo Bay inmate is released from the Bowden Institution -- which could happen later today.


Wireless Roaming Decision Comes Today

Canada's telecom regulator will deliver a decision today that could affect the fees you pay if you roam with a wireless device outside of a network area.

The CRTC ruling comes seven months after hearings were launched into the health of the country's wholesale wireless market.

Budget measures adopted by the Harper government last year set a cap on wholesale roaming costs at no more than what carriers charge their retail customers.

But smaller players say the rate cap is hurting them and stifling competition.

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Malcolm Young of AC/DC dead at 64

Saturday, 18 November 2017 09:01
Malcolm Young of AC/DC dead at 64

Malcolm Young, a guitarist, and co-founder of AC/DC has died today.

Support Local home based businesses at the WAC tomorrow

Saturday, 18 November 2017 07:53
Support Local home based businesses at the WAC tomorrow

Anyone looking for products from home-based businesses can attend a special event tomorrow where around 28 vendors are selling their goods.

Hylife Foods plan to expand

Saturday, 18 November 2017 07:09
Hylife Foods plan to expand

Hylife foods in Neepawa are expanding their processing plant with a 100 million dollar investment.

Updated: Donate to the Endow Manitoba 24 Hour Giving Challenge across the Parkland today

Saturday, 18 November 2017 06:53
Updated: Donate to the Endow Manitoba 24 Hour Giving Challenge across the Parkland today
Community foundations all over the Parkland have the chance to help raise money for legacy projects in their communities.