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Saturday, 09 May 2015 06:36

Morning News - May 9


Bus Beheading Culprit Moved To Group Home

The man who beheaded a fellow passenger on a Greyhound bus in
Manitoba has been approved to move from a mental hospital to a group
home in Winnipeg.

Vince Li killed Tim McLean during the bus trip on the TransCanada
Highway near Portage La Prairie in July 2008. He was later found to
be not criminally responsible for the murder due to untreated

McLean's mother, Carol de Delley, says she will attend a rally
this afternoon at the legislature, saying she's been warning people
about the danger of having Li living among the public.

Doctors, however, say Li is responding well to treatment and is a
low risk to reoffend. They say the group home will have 24-hour
supervision and people who will dispense Li's medication. 
Lake St. Martin Flood Evacuees Protest
Four years ago, flood waters forced people to leave their homes
in Lake St. Martin First Nation and most of the evacuees are still

Yesterday, about 100 of the evacuees walked in protest throughout
downtown Winnipeg, saying they just want to go home and can't
understand why it's taking so long for that to happen.

They walked about 8 km from the Lake St. Martin band
office in Winnipeg, then stopped at the Aboriginal Affairs and
Northern Development office, before ending up on the steps of the
Manitoba legislature.

Some held signs reading; ``We Want To Go Home.''
Triple Murder Suicide Investigation In BC
RCMP in BC's Fraser Valley are investigating a suspected
triple murder-suicide.

In a Facebook posting, Randy Janzen appears to confess to killing
his wife, 19-year-old daughter Emily, and his sister.

The posting says he did it to end his daughter's suffering from

Mounties are at two crimes scenes -- a burned-out house in
Chilliwack, and a home in Langley.

They say they believe the dead are all from one family, and that
the suspect is among them.
Terrorism Concerns For CSIS
Canada's spy agency is waving a warning flag about the risk of
Canadians becoming radicalized into extremism.

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service says it's a
significant concern.

CSIS says Canadians who become radicalized and go abroad to
fight with extremists could become serious threats if they return
home hardened by battle. 
Duffy Trial On Hiatus
There's a three-week break in the Ottawa trial of Mike Duffy --
testimony is due to resume June 1st.

The suspended senator is charged with 31 counts of fraud,
bribery, and breach of trust.

The crux of the Crown's case is that Duffy used public money to
cover the costs of attending personal and partisan events that were
irrelevant to his work as a senator.
Typhoon Set To Hit Philippines
Hundreds of people have been evacuated in the northern
Philippines because of an approaching typhoon.

The storm has winds of up to 195 km/h -- the
equivalent of a Category-Three hurricane.

Many Filipinos still have grim memories of a typhoon that
devastated the central part of their country in November of 2013,
killing more than 6000.
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Hylife Foods plan to expand

Saturday, 18 November 2017 07:09
Hylife Foods plan to expand

Hylife foods in Neepawa are expanding their processing plant with a 100 million dollar investment.

Updated: Donate to the Endow Manitoba 24 Hour Giving Challenge across the Parkland today

Saturday, 18 November 2017 06:53
Updated: Donate to the Endow Manitoba 24 Hour Giving Challenge across the Parkland today
Community foundations all over the Parkland have the chance to help raise money for legacy projects in their communities.

Reports say Semi hit Portage overpass

Friday, 17 November 2017 19:27
Reports say Semi hit Portage overpass

Reports are saying that a westbound semi hit the Portage overpass on the Trans Canada highway this evening.

Truck slid off bridge into icy water this morning

Friday, 17 November 2017 16:06
Truck slid off bridge into icy water this morning

A 73 year old man from St. Claude, which is south of Portage, rolled his truck this morning.