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At the age of 83, Loretta Lynn has achieved her highest-charting album ever. Her ``Full Circle'' album debuted at number 19 on the Billboard 200 album chart this week. Her highest-charting album before this was ``Van Lear Rose,'' which hit number 24 in 2004. 





Black Crowes guitarist Rich Robinson will be the guest guitarist on Bad Company's next tour. Guitarist Mick Ralphs says he's just not feeling up to the travel of touring this time, and he's glad the band found Robinson to fill in for him. Robinson says it's an honour to be able to play with the band. Bad Company will co-headline a tour with Joe Walsh beginning May 12th in Dallas. 





You'd think after spending nearly every day together for six years in a van, the members of Wild Feathers would put some space between each other when they have a break. On the

contrary: they still hang out when they're at home. Singer-guitarist Ricky Young says they really do love each other and really like each other, which he calls ``bizarre.'' He says even their wives question why they still seek each other out when they're on a tour break.

Bandmate Joel King says nobody knows the troubles they've seen so nobody else can relate. Wild Feathers have a new album out called ``Lonely is a Lifetime.'' 





A film is in the works based on Michael Jackson's chimp, Bubbles. The Hollywood Reporter reports the film ``Bubbles'' will tell Jackson's story from the chimp's perspective.

It will be made using stop-motion animation. A release date was not announced. 





Smokey Robinson is getting recognized for his charitable efforts. The MusiCares MAP Fund, which helps musicians with addiction recovery, will give Robinson an award on May 19th in Los Angeles. CeeLo Green, Babyface, El DeBarge and Kem will perform in Robinson's honour. Robinson also will perform. Cedric the Entertainer will host. 







``American Idol'' host Ryan Seacrest had a surprise guest when he unveiled a new broadcast studio at a Nashville hospital on Friday: Taylor Swift. The studio at Monroe Carell Junior Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt University is the tenth one Seacrest has built at a hospital. Swift says the studio will help kids find their creativity, whether they want to make a radio show or record their own music. She says the fact that it's in Nashville means there's a wonderful opportunity for musicians to stop by and help. Seacrest says the studio broadcasts to patients' rooms, so the ones who can't get out of bed can still call the studio and talk to any visiting celebrities. 










Blake Shelton denies he went to rehab or that Miranda Lambert ever videotaped him drunk and showed him the tape the next day. The Nashville Tennessean reports Shelton filed a document last week in support of his two-million dollar lawsuit against the publisher of In Touch magazine over a story published in September saying he was an out-of-control drunk. Shelton says he has never been to rehab, nor has he urinated on a mailbox, nor did he start drinking at the age of 14. He says he jokes about drinking on Twitter to amuse his fans and they get the jokes. He argues that the In Touch story hurt his business dealings.












Prince is telling his life story, from his first memory to his Super Bowl performance. Prince told an audience in New York on Friday that publishing house Spiegel and Grau made him an offer he can't refuse. He says the working title is ``The Beautiful Ones.'' He says his brother Dan is helping him with it because he's a good critic and not a ``yes'' man. The book will come out in the fall of 2017.












Snoop Dogg's spelling mistake is the biggest thing to happen to a small Romanian village. Snoop posted a selfie on Instagram while on tour in Bogota (boh-goh-TAH'), Colombia, but he misspelled ``Bogota'' as B-O-G-A-T-A, which is a town in Transylvania of about two-thousand people. Bogata mayor Laszlo Barta says it was a mistake but it's been good advertising for the town. A tourist website VisitBogata-dot-com is playing up the mistake, saying the village is the ``best place for chillin' in Romania.'' It also advises bringing a sleeping bag because there are no hotels in Bogata. 










Even Gwen Stefani understands the importance of connections in business. She's joined LinkedIn. She lists herself as a singer/songwriter, coach on ``The Voice,'' fashion designer and entrepreneur. She has posted an essay entitled, ``The Key to Creativity -- and Success -- Is Truth.'' Stefani says three constants in whatever she does are, ``I remain real to myself, pure about the project and true to my whole esthetic.'' Stefani just released a new album called ``This Is What The Truth Feels Like.''












It was an excuse note -- signed by The Boss himself. Fourth-grader Xabi Glovsky and his dad Scott went to the sold-out Bruce Springsteen show in Los Angeles last Tuesday night. Xabi held up a homemade sign saying: ``Bruce, I will be late to school tomorrow. Please sign my note.'' After the show, Springsteen invited the pair backstage where they posed for photos. And Bruce scribbled a note for the boy's teacher. The note said: ``Dear Ms. Jackson, Xabi has been out very late rocking & rolling. Please excuse him if he is tardy.'' 




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