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The Harvest Sun Music Festival in Kelwood had their biggest crowd ever at the multi-genre music festival.  

Performers old and new took to the stage all weekend long.  

The show kicked off with locals, Better Than and continued Friday night with The Rob Waddell Band, Lakes & Pines and wrapped up with the Route 10 Collective with a tribute to Eric Clapton.

Saturday's Main Stage started with Songwriters Work Shop with the Small Glories, Kayla Luky, Rob Waddell, Marc Clement and Roger Roger.

Other performers on Saturday included Swamp Gas, Carly Dow and Logan McKillop, Roger Roger, The Sturgeons, Patti Kusterok, SC Mira, The Noble Theifs, ISKWE and wrapped up with a truly amazing closing set with Ego Spank!

Sunday began with the traditional Moody Manitoba Morning Workshop with hosts Rick Neufeld and Alana Levandoski, Don Amero, Don Zeuff, Mike Peters, Carly Dow, Logan McKillip & Ego Spank.

Other performers included Seanster and the Monsters, Raine Hamilton Trio, Kayly Luky, Don Amero, William Prince and Scott Nolan.

The show came to a close with the amazing Small Glories.


Whatever you do ... don't miss this festival next year!



 Oops. It was Jerry Lewis who died, not Jerry LEE Lewis. C-N-N ran an obit for Jerry Lewis but put Jerry Lee Lewis in the headline. Charlie Daniels expressed his condolences for Jerry Lee Lewis before tweeting, ``My bad yall. The Killer is still alive.

It's Jerry Lewis, not Jerry Lee Lewis who passed away. Sorry bout that. Read the alert wrong.'' For the record, Jerry Lewis did have a pop hit in 1956. ``Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody'' hit number 10.






One of the best viewing spots for the solar eclipse today is Nashville, so the country music community is hyped.

Jason Aldean says he's not usually into this kind of thing and had to ask why he couldn't just wear his regular sunglasses to view it.

He now knows it's because looking at an eclipse directly can cause terrible eye damage. Brad Paisley says he's making darn sure he's got the right glasses. The members of Old Dominion will be on a plane flying into Nashville when the eclipse happens and they joke they're going to make the plane tip because they'll all be trying to look from one side. In other music eclipse news for today, Ozzy Osbourne will perform ``Bark at the Moon'' at the Moonstock festival in Carterville, Illinois, where the duration of totality is expected to be two-and-a-half minutes. Bonnie Tyler and DNCE will perform on a cruise ship in the Caribbean Sea. The Grand Ole Opry, not usually open on Mondays, will be open for an eclipse party. 





U-S President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, have dropped out of appearing at the Kennedy Center Honors.

Trump acknowledges his presence will be a ``political distraction.''

Three honorees -- T-V show creator Norman Lear, dancer Carmen de Lavallade (LAH'-vah-lahd) and singer Lionel Richie -- had said they were considering or had decided to boycott. Gloria Estefan had said she intended to bend Trump's ear about immigration issues. L-L Cool J did not say what his plans are. The Kennedy Center says the show is still a go for December 3rd but the traditional meeting at the White House the day before is off. It's only the fourth time in 40 years a president did not attend the ceremony. 





Meek Mill has been arrested for allegedly popping wheelies on a dirt bike on the streets of New York. The New York Daily News reports Mill had posted photos on the dirt bike on Wednesday, and fans had said he turned on his livestream when police detained him. The photos were deleted by Thursday. Mill's lawyer, Joseph Tacopina, says Mill was singled out because he's famous. The judge ruled Mill is free without having to post bail, as long as he completes driver's school. Mill is due back in court October 11th. 





Luis Fonsi has not changed a lot since ``Despacito'' became a global hit. He still treats people the same and he does his normal things. He just answers the phone a whole lot more. Fonsi says he's getting calls from artists from around the world who want to collaborate with him. He also is busting his reputation as just being a balladeer. Fonsi says he wants to push the envelope and surprise people within the realm of pop music. 





One of comedian Dick Gregory's claims to fame: he sang on ``Give Peace A Chance'' by John Lennon. Gregory wrote in his book, ``Callus on My Soul,'' he thought of Lennon as ``a beautiful person who tried to bring peace wherever he was.'' Gregory said he was right there by Lennon and Yoko Ono when they wrote ``Give Peace A Chance.'' He wrote, ``It was just like John and Yoko to put my name on the label credits when it was released.'' Gregory died Saturday in Washington after fighting a severe bacterial infection.

He was 84. 





Future called off his performance in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend out of respect for the victims of violence at a rally there last week. Future was supposed to perform at a back-to-school rally at the University of Virginia on Saturday. He tweets he felt it was not right to perform at this time. He also called off his show in Virginia Beach. He says Virginia is very important to him and he gives his word he's coming very soon. 


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