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The Kiss Army is beside itself after Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley reunited for their first performance together in 16 years. The Star Tribune reports Frehley came out about three-quarters of the way through Simmons' set during the Children Matter benefit concert in St. Paul, Minnesota, on Wednesday. Frehley played on ``Parasite,'' ''Cold Gin,`` ''Shock Me`` and ''Rock and Roll All Nite.`` He said he decided just a week ago he wanted to be there. The concert also featured Cheap Trick, Don Felder and The Jayhawks.






Yoko Ono's lawyers have quashed a Polish lemonade company's attempt to sell a fizzy product called John Lemon. The Guardian newspaper reports the Mr. Lemonade Alternative Drinks company has agreed to rebrand it as On Lemon. It's sold throughout Europe. The legal action referenced a Facebook posting with the brand's logo that showed John Lennon holding lemons, and other advertising that showed a picture of round glasses and the words ``Let It Be.'' A company lawyer says his client agreed to change the name rather than have the product banned.






Shania Twain says for a while, she sounded like ``a dying cow'' while trying to regain her voice. Twain nearly was unable to sing again after contracting Lyme disease. She says she feels ``triumphant'' that she's able to release an album, ``Now,''

her first in 17 years. Twain calls it ``a small miracle.'' So much has changed since her last album, ``Up!'' that she feels it's an evolution. She says that's why she called the album ``Now,'' because this is her now. It will come out next Friday.






Jason Derulo says performing on the ``Monday Night Football'' theme is ``one of those pinch-yourself moments.''

Derulo sings on the song with Florida Georgia Line and Hank Williams Junior. Derulo says he went from eating dinner and watching ``Monday Night Football'' with his family to being part of an American staple. When asked if he considered Williams' comments comparing former U-S President Barack Obama to Hitler in 2011 before taking the job, Derulo says that didn't come into play and it was a decision just between himself and the N-F-L. When asked how he felt about the controversy surrounding quarterback Colin Kaepernick (KAP'-ur-nihk), Derulo's response is, ``I applaud anyone who takes a stand peacefully.''




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