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Neil Young fans will have the opportunity to buy his rare model trains, his Hawaiian shirts and his golf shoes.

Julien's Auctions will hold an auction of Young's possessions tomorrow in Los Angeles. Among the items for sale are prototypes and custom models of Lionel trains, five of his Hawaiian shirts and three pairs of his size 10 golf shoes. The auction also includes several ties and flannel shirts, Young's Budweiser-logo-shaped guitar and his 1948 Buick Roadmaster hearse.






Feist is releasing a cookbook that's an accompaniment to her ``Pleasure'' album. ``Pleasures: The Meals of an Album'' is a song-by-song, day-by-day account of the meals chef Adrienne Amato prepared for Feist and her band while they recorded ``Pleasure.'' Proceeds will support the non-profit group Community Food Centres Canada. The book is available through Feist's website. 





Keith Richards barely remembers some of the tracks that make up the new Rolling Stones album ``On Air.'' They were more than 50 years ago, after all. ``On Air'' collects songs The Rolling Stones performed in 1963 through 1965 on BBC shows like ``Saturday Club,'' ''Top Gear`` and ''The Joe Loss Pop Show.`` Richards says everything was frantic in those days, their schedule was frantic and ''the fans were particularly frantic.`` He says he was 19 at the time and ''it's all a bit of a blur, but a very pleasant one.`` The collection consists of 32 tracks that include Stones classics as well as Chuck Berry covers. It's out now. 





NEW YORK (AP) -- The trial of three South American soccer officials accused of taking bribes has included testimony from Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. He testified he had been to a Paul McCartney concert in Argentina in 2010 before his band performed in Buenos Aires. One of the defendants is accused of being bribed with tickets to McCartney's concert, but defence lawyers had refused to acknowledge the concert took place. Jonas said he did not have personal knowledge of the bribes. The officials have pleaded not guilty to bribery charges. 





Sia  says she is ``very protective'' of dancer Maddie Ziegler and anytime Ziegler wants to stop their collaboration, she can. Sia responded to an opinion piece in Britain's Guardian newspaper that questioned why Sia puts Ziegler, who is 15-years-old, in the spotlight while Sia won't even show her own face. Sia tweets she checks weekly with Ziegler to ``assure her if she ever wants it to stop, it stops.'' Sia says Ziegler was already famous when she discovered her, although she admits to expanding Ziegler's exposure. She says fame affects Ziegler differently than it affects her and ``if that changes, we stop.''

Ziegler has appeared in several Sia videos and performs live with Sia. 





For as much of a reputation that Chris Stapleton has built as a songwriter, he has not done much of it lately. Stapleton says, ``Sometimes you have to let the well fill back up again.'' He says he may have to stop touring for a while ``for the other switch to flip.'' He was asked if he could make records for the next ten years without writing another song, and Stapleton says he could do that, but he still will write more songs.

His ``From A Room: Volume 2'' album is out now. 



(The Canadian Press)