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Justin Timberlake had a laugh at everyone's expense during the Super Bowl halftime show yesterday. He performed his song ``Rock Your Body'' but stopped short of the line, ``Bet I'll have you naked by the end of this song.'' That was the line he sang with Janet Jackson right before the infamous ``wardrobe malfunction'' during their Super Bowl halftime performance 14 years ago. Despite speculation, Jackson was not part of yesterday's show.

Neither was 'N Sync. However, Prince was Timberlake's duet partner projected on a giant screen, singing ``I Would Die 4 U,'' in a nod to the Super Bowl being in Minneapolis. Timberlake ended his performance singing ``Can't Stop The Feeling'' by going into the stands and taking selfies.



Just in case you were wondering: it wasn't gum Pink took out of her mouth before singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl last night. Pink tweets it was a throat lozenge. She had been battling the flu the past few days. Her voice was so bad at her concert on Friday that she had to skip singing ``Beautiful Trauma'' because her range wasn't there. Leslie Odom Junior also was part of the Super Bowl pre-show entertainment, singing ``America the Beautiful'' with a children's choir.



Smokey Robinson says he is sad that ``another Motown soldier is gone'' with the death of Dennis Edwards of The Temptations. Edwards died in Chicago after a long illness on Thursday, two days before his 75th birthday, according to his booking agent. Otis Williams of The Temptations, who engaged in a legal battle with Edwards over the Temptations name in the 1990s, says Edwards made ``extraordinary contributions to The Temptations legacy.'' The Pointer Sisters send their love and condolences.

Edwards was briefly married to Ruth Pointer.



Dave Matthews Band violinist Boyd Tinsley is taking a break from the band. Tinsley writes on social media he needs the break to focus on his health and his family. He says he is ``somewhat worn out'' and needs to bring more balance to his life.

The rest of the band says Tinsley has been a member of the family since the beginning and they support his decision to get better.



Lady Gaga's chronic pain condition has sidelined her again. She has called off ten concerts in Europe over the next few weeks because of severe pain. Lady Gaga writes on social media her medical team supports her decision to recover at home. Last September, she was forced to postpone her European concerts because of pain. Lady Gaga has said she's been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition.



 A 43-year-old man from Riverview, Florida, has been arrested for allegedly threatening to kidnap Lana Del Rey.

Orlando Police say in a statement Michael Shawn Hunt was arrested Friday night outside the concert hall where Del Rey was performing.

Police acting on a tip arrested Hunt carrying a ticket to the concert and a knife. He has been jailed without bail on charges of attempted kidnapping with a weapon and aggravated stalking with a credible threat.



Snoop Dogg usually has no problem getting up on stage -- until he sang gospel music. Snoop headlined B-E-T's Super Bowl Gospel Celebration Thursday in Minneapolis. He acknowledges being nervous because gospel purists ``would shoot you down if your game ain't together.'' He adds, ``They would throw the Bible at you.'' Snoop knew he did O-K when gospel great Donnie McClurkin complimented him. Snoop says McClurkin told him, ``If you weren't rapping, brother, you'd be preaching!'' Snoop will put out his first gospel album, called ``Bible of Love,'' on March 16th.


(The Canadian Press)