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For as long as Keith Richards and Mick Jagger have known each other, Richards can admit when he's gone too far.

Richards has apologized for comments he made about Jagger being a father at the age of 74. Richards had said, ``It's time for the snip. You can't be a father at that age. Those poor kids!'' Jagger's eighth child was born in December 2016. Richards has since said he ``deeply regrets'' his comments and he has apologized to Jagger in person.



Carrie Underwood recently donated ten-thousand dollars to help a childhood friend who got into a traffic accident. The friend has died. The police department in Underwood's hometown of Checotah , Oklahoma, says 35-year-old Justin Durret died Monday at a Tulsa hospital. He was the assistant police chief. Durret suffered multiple neck injuries after his pickup truck crashed on February 11th. Troopers say Durret was ejected and got trapped under the pickup.



 Josh Ostrander of Mondo Cozmo gets a secret delight in knowing he's signed to Republic Records. The label dropped one of his previous bands. Ostrander says when he took his demos to the label, executives told him, ``We want to do business with you.'' Ostrander's reply was, ``You already have.

Let's do it again.'' Ostrander's previous job was in landscaping, and he says he'll work as hard as he can to avoid going back to it.

So is his yard a thing of beauty? Hardly. Ostrander says after landscaping for 12 hours, the last thing a landscaper wants to do is more landscaping.



 The Tennessee Titans will reveal new uniforms next month. Florida Georgia Line figures that's as good a reason as any to throw a party. Florida Georgia Line will headline a free concert in downtown Nashville on April 4th as the Titans show off their new uniforms. The Titans will livestream the event.



Craig Morgan is putting his life on TV. Morgan and his family will star in a reality show called ``Morgan Family Strong'' on the UP T-V channel. Morgan describes himself as a country singer, a family man, a business owner and a beekeeper, but also ``the guy next store.'' Morgan also is still mourning the death of his 19-year-old son, Jerry, who died in a boating accident in July 2016. ``Morgan Family Strong'' premieres tonight.



Music-streaming pioneer Spotify is hoping to attract a new crowd of fans on Wall Street as its competition with Apple heats up. Spotify is pursuing an unusual initial public offering that will sell some of its existing stock instead of issuing more shares to raise money. The strategy will make it easier for Spotify's existing stockholders to cash out of their investments while creating a potential new financial channel for the company.

Spotify took its first steps toward the I-P-O in a confidential filing a few weeks ago, but the documents weren't released until Wednesday.


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