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If things keep up the way they have so far, 2017 will prove to be a huge year for both Kendrick Lamar and Ed Sheeran.

Nielsen is out with its mid-year music report and it says those two artists have the top albums so far this year. Lamar's ``DAMN.'' is setting the pace, with close to 1.8-million sales -- based on a combination of physical sales, song sales and audio streams. By that same measure, Sheeran's ``Divide'' is second, but by a narrow margin. Rounding out the top five for the first six months of the year are Drake with ``More Life,'' Bruno Mars with ``24K Magic'' and ``Culture'' by Migos. Each of those albums has reached the one-million mark in combined sales so far. 





The man who used to head up security at the big venue in Atlanta says the people who ran the place discriminated against black artists. And Samuel R. Hayes III says when he called out officials at Philips Arena about that he ended up being canned.

In a lawsuit filed this week, Hayes says artists like Diddy, Kanye West and others were denied special parking or exemptions for security protocols like having to go through metal detectors before going inside. But the suit claims artists like Adele and Axl Rose were allowed to skip such screening. Hayes claimed when he beefed about the disparity, he was told ``hip hop acts draw a different crowd and the white acts being in more money.'' For their part, officials for the firm that runs Philips Arena deny any bias and say Hayes was fired for not doing his job properly. 





A club that helped Madonna get her start in the music industry is in the news. Turns out people who used to hang out at the club Danceteria created a time capsule in 1985. That was when Madonna used to perform there and was even shown in the movie ``Desperately Seeking Susan'' dancing in the club. The capsule has turned up unearthed by a construction company digging on the site of the now defunct club. When construction crews found the canister, police had to be called in because it appeared to be an unexploded bomb from the second World War. But police quickly determined that it was of more recent vintage and harmless. 





Madonna says the children's wing at a hospital in Malawi she has been building for two years did its first surgery last week. And now, the Mercy James Institute for Pediatric Surgery and Intensive Care will officially open next week. The hospital is the first of its kind in the African nation, where Madonna has adopted four children. Her charity, Raising Malawi, has built schools in the country and has funded the new pediatric unit. She says it's all part of her commitment to do what she can to help Malawi. 





It isn't exactly a purple reign, but Prince music has found itself in a familiar spot -- near the top of the charts. The remastered version of ``Purple Rain'' is now in the top five on the Billboard top 200 albums chart. Warner Bros says the re-release -- in its various forms -- has moved 52-thousand units since it hit the streets again. Prince died a year ago in April of an accidental drug overdose. 





Here's a sentence you haven't heard in a while -- Kesha (KESH'-ah) has some new music out. The single ``Praying'' is the first track from the album ``Rainbow,'' which is due out August 11th. It's her first album since 2012, when she dropped ``Warrior.''

Since then, she has been in warrior mode, waging a very public legal battle in which she accuses producer Dr. Luke of sexual assault and harassment. Dr. Luke has denied the allegations against him. Until now, the dispute kept Kesha from being able to record or release new tracks. 


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It's always nice to get away from the daily grind and go back to a place that's a little less stressful. But for Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons, such a breakaway wasn't only a nicety -- but a necessity. Reynolds has suffered from depression since he was younger and says things got worse as Imagine Dragons went from being an unknown group to a Grammy-winning one. Reynolds says seven years of touring and making a mark in the business after toiling in obscurity left him in a ``just scattered, depressed headspace.'' He says he used the time back home to reconnect with his wife, 4-year-old daughter and friends. Now, he says he's a ``really wonderful, colourful, good headspace.'' The group's new album is called ``Evolve.'' 





He's a former mail carrier from Chicago.

But these days, instead of delivering bills and packages John Prine delivers hits in Nashville. He's considered the go-to guy for hit songs in Music City, working with the likes of Sturgill Simpson, the husband-wife team of Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires and Dan Auerbach of the rock group the Black Keys. Prine is now 70 and has had some of today's top stars willingly open for him to soak up his knowledge, even though they could be selling out their own venues as headliners. None of this is lost on Prine, who says he has met some really great people in the business. He says doing so has convinced him music is in good hands as it moves to a new generation of artists. 





Look for more new music from India.Arie soon.

The soulful songstress is to drop a full album, titled ``Worthy,''

in March of next year. But that doesn't means her fans will be left hanging until then. She's dropped a new E-P titled ``SongVersation:

Medicine.'' It features three new tunes, as well as a pair of re-releases and two acoustic do-overs of songs from her 2013 album.

This past weekend, she was among the featured artists at the Essence festival in New Orleans. She shared the stage Friday night with John Legend and Diana Ross. 





Shakira attended a wedding in Argentina late last week. But she wasn't the most popular celebrity in the house. That's because the wedding she attended was that of soccer legend Lionel Messi and his childhood sweetheart. The Colombian-born singer was among the 250 guests who attended the nuptials a swank hotel in the Argentine city of Rosario. Shakira was the plus-one of her hubby, soccer star Gerard Pique -- teammate of Messi on the Barcelona team. 





When ``American Idol'' returns to T-V, it will try to rekindle at least some of the magic that was produced by the state of Alabama. The state is home to two Idol winners, Ruben Studdard and Taylor Hicks. It also has produced a pair of runners-up

-- Bo Bice and Diana DeGarmo. A-B-C will be holding auditions for the new version of Idol and they will be held at the Alabama Music Hall of Fame in Tuscumbia. Auditions are set for September 7th and about two-thousand hopefuls are expected to show up. 



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One of Prince's drummers has died. John Blackwell Junior was 43 when he died in Florida. He had played drums for the musician for more than a decade. His wife says in an Instagram post that Blackwell died ``peacefully'' with her by his side. The medical examiner's office didn't respond to a message seeking confirmation of Blackwell's death. His wife recently set up a Go Fund Me saying her husband was being tested for tumors in his brain. The fund, which was set up four months ago, had raised about 79-thousand dollars U-S. 





A large slice of American pop music with a heaping dollop of patriotism thrown on top. That was the deal in Washington D-C last night for the annual ``A Capitol Fourth''

concert. The annual Fourth of July national picnic featured music from The Beach Boys, the Four Tops and the National Symphony Orchestra. The event, hosted by actor John Stamos, aired on P-B-S. 





Mary J. Blige helped close out the Independence Day celebration in In Philadelphia a celebration that itself closes down a major thoroughfare in Philly. Blige as part of a daylong musical event on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Hundreds of thousands attended the party, which ended with a fireworks display. 





Fireworks and vocal pyrotechnics both were in full effect at New York City celebration of the Fourth of July.

Among the artists performing at last night's event were Brad Paisley, Sheryl Crow and Jennifer Lopez. After the singing, the audience was treated to a fireworks show staged above the East River and sponsored by Macy's. Barges launched fireworks shells at the average rate of 2,400 per minute, prompting oohs and aahs from the huge crowd. Some of the shells produced colors like purple, orange and yellow. 





Police in Little Rock say the investigation continues into a shooting last week that left 28 people injured. And they say, as part of that investigation, they have interviewed the rapper who was performing at the venue where the mass shooting took place. It wasn't hard to track down Finese2Tymes; he's being held without bail in an incident in the Arkansas town of Forrest City. Authorities say the rapper shot someone in the neck after getting into a beef with someone he felt was blocking his way. Days later, the gunplay at the rapper's show in Little Rock broke out. Authorities haven't determined whether the two incidents are related. One 9-1-1 caller says she saw rappers with guns as they arrived at the venue. 





Quebec superstar singer Celine Dion has appeared naked in a photo published on Instagram by Vogue magazine. The photo shows Dion sitting on a chair with her arms covering her breasts and her right leg crossed over her left. The caption states the photo was taken between a costume change. The post discusses Dion's love of custom-made haute couture clothing, which Vogue says she has worn almost exclusively during her performances over the past five years.

Vogue quotes Dion saying -- ``The clothes follow me; I do not follow the clothes.'' 





The City of Toronto is apologizing for what it calls inappropriate content during a rapper's closing performance to the city's Canada Day festivities at Nathan Phillips Square. In a statement, the city says it expects all artists to deliver G-rated, family-friendly shows suitable for all ages, as per contracts. The city's apology comes after complaints from revellers, who also expressed their displeasure on social media, about what they said was repeated use of profanities by Belly. The Ottawa-raised Belly has been defending himself on social media, saying organizers were aware his performance would contain profanities. He has also posted various tweets denouncing censorship and promoting freedom of expression. 





There was music from the Four Tops and the Beach Boys. And, of course, there were fireworks. But along with the Fourth of July picnic the nation throws for itself every Independence Day, came reminders of how the times we live in are so dangerous. As thousands streamed to the National Mall for the festivities, they had to go through security checkpoints. It was easy to spot police officers with semiautomatic rifles around their necks. And key roads were blocked by concrete barriers, military vehicles and construction equipment. Another reminder came from host John Stamos. He took time during the broadcast of ``A Capitol Fourth'' to honor special agent David Bailey of the U-S Capitol Police. He was shot while protecting members of Congress from a man who opened fire on the lawmakers during a baseball practice last month. 





While the best-known Independence Day celebration in the country is in the nation's capital, the Big Apple made some noise of its own. And there was sure a lot of noise to be made  what with 60 thousand shells of fireworks shot into the night sky over the New York City's East River. As was the case in Washington, security in New York was tight. Police had checkpoints up check bags and items like chairs and blankets had to be left behind before people could get close to the fireworks display. Before the pyrotechnics lit up the sky, there was a treat for the ears as Jennifer Lopez, Brad Paisley and Sheryl Crow performed for the crowd. 





The queen of hip hop helped cap the big Fourth of July celebration in Philadelphia. Mary J. Blige was among those who performed for the hundreds of thousands of people who partied on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. That event  like the ones in D-C and New York ended with a fireworks display. 



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The Beach Boys have been a constant feature at the Fourth of July concert in Washington, D-C for years now. But there was a time they were deemed unwelcome at the event and that caused a big controversy. Back in the early days of the Reagan administration, U-S Interior Secretary James Watt declared the Beach Boys ``unsuitable'' for such a patriotic event. And that year 1983 the group was replaced by Wayne Newton to perform the Fourth of July event. They have been back many times since. Others who will be performing at today's event include the Four Tops and Trace Adkins.

Actor John Stamos will be the host.





Authorities in Arkansas say a rapper shot a person in the neck days before performing a concert in Little Rock that was the scene of a shooting that left 28 people injured. A federal prosecutor says the rapper, known as Finese2Tymes, got into a beef with someone he thought was blocking his way out of a club in Forrest City, Arkansas. Before it was over, authorities say the rapper shot the other person. Just a few days later, Finese2Tymes performed at a club in Little Rock when gunplay occurred 28 people were hurt. The rapper remains in custody over the shooting in Forrest City.





Will they get the show they paid for or will they get their money back? It's a question Adele fans hope to get the answer to shortly. She cut out of the last two shows on her ``Hello'' tour saying she was under doctor's orders not to perform because her vocal cords were damaged. She says in a statement on social media she had even toyed with the idea of lip-synching through the shows, but said she had never done that before _ and wasn't about to start now. What makes the status of the shows even more interesting is that she hinted along the way that her current tour would be her last. Those holding tickets to those last two shows will hope Adele has it in her to do them, rather than issue refunds. 





The sound came from Memphis. But it sure traveled well. That was evident in 1967 when a group of American musicians from the Stax label took their musical gifts to Europe, including stops in London and Paris. The original tour featured Otis Redding, Sam & Dave, Eddie Floyd and Booker T. and the M-G's. Many of them are no longer with us but their musical spirit lives on. And now, artists educated at the Stax Music Academy are making a return trip to Europe. The series of shows is to begin on July 9th and run through the 22nd. Among the tops will be England, France and Ireland. 





She's known for her work on TV sitcoms like ``Martin'' and ``Everybody Hates Chris.'' But actress Tichina Arnold says she has a new something-something up her sleeve: music. The actress says she plans to start showing off her singing voice. She says she plans to drop a single before the year is out. She says it's just one step in bringing to the public the music she already has ready to go.'' Arnold says the biggest challenge now is ``to figure out how to package it.'' 


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730 CKDM congratulates the winner of the 730 CKDM Battle of the Bands!

Winnipeg's Wreckin' So took home $2000 and bragging rights!

Congrats to all of our contestants including Two Socks, The Unknown, Roulette & Haunted Girlfriend.






Keith Urban headlines tonight's main stage show at 10 pm.  Tim Hicks plays at 8:30 pm. Meghan Patrick plays at 7 pm. Winnipegger Jason Kirkness performs at 5 pm. Local Roblin artist Ryan Keown kicks off the main stageat 3:30pm




The nephew of E Street Band saxophonist Clarence Clemons is grateful for the support that fans have given him as he steps in to play his uncle's sax parts. Jake Clemons says after Clarence's death in 2011, he felt his uncle's presence when he picked up the sax again. Jake Clemons says it was part of his healing process to play, and he knows lots of fans needed that healing too. The fans might be kind to him, but the rest of the E Street Band is pretty tough. Jake Clemons says the band is known for turning on a dime, so he's had to stay as alert on Day 200 as he was on Day One. Jake Clemons has a solo album out called ``Fear and Love.'' 





The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has created an interactive exhibit so fans know what it's like to attend the induction ceremonies. The ``Power of Rock'' exhibit will bring to life more than 30 years of the inductions with smoke, lasers, film and memorabilia. The late director Jonathan Demme created a 12-minute film of highlights from the ceremonies. The exhibit opens tomorrow at the museum in Cleveland. 





Three people have been diagnosed with Legionnaires' disease that has been traced to the pool and hot tub of a hotel run by the Elvis Presley estate. Health officials are looking into the outbreak at The Guest House at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. Legionnaires' disease produces symptoms similar to pneumonia: cough, high fever and headaches. 





Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum has sold his house in Nashville for a profit. Architectural Digest reports Kelley and his wife, Cassie, sold their 6,600-square-foot house for 2.91 million dollars. They paid 1.6 million dollars in 2012. The house has four bedrooms and six bathrooms and sits on one and a half acres. The property features an elevator, a sauna, a putting green, a pool and a pool house with its own kitchenette and bathroom. 





George Ezra took a break for about a year and a half to figure out what he wanted to write for his next album.

Getting back into the groove proved to be troublesome for him. Ezra says he'd wake up every day, prepare to write and nothing would happen. He says that's fine for one day, or even two, but it sometimes took two weeks before he had a halfway decent idea. Ezra says, ``There's only so many times you can clean the kitchen.''

That's only partly a joke -- he says that's really what he was doing. Ezra has some music in the works but he says he doesn't know when it will come out. 





The mother of the Notorious B-I-G is slamming reality stars Kylie and Kendall Jenner for a line of T-shirts that superimpose their own faces and logo over photos of Biggie. Voletta Wallace writes on Instagram the shirts are done without permission and are ``disrespectful, disgusting and exploitation at its worst!''

The Jenners also put their faces and logos over classic images and album covers featuring Tupac Shakur , Pink Floyd, Ozzy Osbourne, The Doors and Metallica. The shirts sell for

125 dollars. The Jenners have apologized, saying the idea wasn't well thought out. 





Adele is giving stronger signals that this is her last tour. Adele put a handwritten note in the program for her London concerts this week in which she says she doesn't know if she'll ever tour again. She says she doesn't like it that much and she's a ``real homebody.'' Adele told an audience in New Zealand in March that she was probably not going to do another tour. Her last show on the tour is Sunday at London's Wembley Stadium. 





Chance The Rapper's history-making Grammy award will not sit on a shelf in his house, but in a museum in his hometown of Chicago. The Chicago Sun-Times reports Chance announced during a gala at the DuSable (doo-SAH'-buhl) Museum of African American History that he's giving the museum his Grammy for best rap album for ``Coloring Book.'' The Grammy was the first one given to an album only available by streaming. Chance and his father, tourism executive Ken Bennett, were named to the museum's board of trustees in January.





Kelly Clarkson's daughter has inspired another picture book. Clarkson will publish a book called ``River Rose and the Magical Christmas'' on October 24th. It will come with an original song that Clarkson wrote and performed. Clarkson's daughter, River Rose, also was the inspiration for last year's picture book, ``River Rose and the Magic Lullaby.'' 





Public Enemy has released a new album and it's free through the end of Tuesday. ``Nothing is Quick in the Desert (Except Death)'' is available for free download at www.publicenemey.bandcamp.com . Chuck D calls it a thank you for 30 years of fan support. He says the album title comes from a saying he has about the average person's view of the record industry. 





Lady Gaga says if she's playing a bar or a stadium, she will give her all either way. Lady Gaga says it's not fair to fans to approach a performance differently. She will do another ``Dive Bar Tour'' next month, then launch a world tour August 1st in Vancouver. Lady Gaga also is wrapping up filming of a remake of ``A Star Is Born.'' She describes making the movie ``life changing,'' ``wonderful'' and ``inspiring.''



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Alice Cooper believes the reason he has survived rock and roll while Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix did not is because he keeps the rock and roll on the stage. Cooper says in an online chat with the British newspaper The Guardian that Joplin and Hendrix tried to be the same character offstage. Cooper says he could never be Alice all the time because it's ``too theatrical'' and the onstage Alice is ``an arrogant villain.'' He says fans will notice Alice never talks to the audience because ``that would make him more human.'' Cooper will release a new album called ``Paranormal'' on July 28th. 





The Official Singles Chart in the U-K is changing its methodology after Ed Sheeran had 16 songs in the top 20 earlier this year. The new rules call for acts to be limited to three songs on the singles chart at once. The charts are also changing their rules about how streaming counts toward chart position. Sheeran benefited from people streaming his entire ``Divide'' album, which meant all 16 songs were counted toward the charts. The new rules go into effect tomorrow. 





Janelle Monae and Justin Timberlake have been invited to join the group that votes on the Oscars. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has invited 774 new members that also include Nick Cave and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. 





An album by Prince's father will come out in October, and the lead single is out today. The song ``Heart of Mine'' by John L. Nelson is available for streaming and digital download today. It's off the album ``Don't Play With Love, The John L. Nelson Project.'' It was produced by Prince's half-sister, Sharon Nelson, from her father's sheet music. John L. Nelson was a jazz pianist who played with the Prince Rogers Trio. He died in 2001.

Sharon Nelson says contrary to what's been written about their dad, he was a hardworking, caring father and a prolific jazz musician.

The album was produced at Paisley Park but Prince had no role in it. 





Sam Moore of Sam and Dave will join Dan Aykroyd and Jim Belushi of The Blues Brothers during the national Independence Day celebration. One of The Blues Brothers' signature songs is a cover of the Sam and Dave classic ``Soul Man.'' The performance will air live on PBS stations as part of ``A Capitol Fourth,'' with other performances by The Beach Boys, Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray, Kellie Pickler and Trace Adkins. Moore will release an album called ``An American Patriot'' later this summer. 





The Grammys will be in New York next year, then return to Los Angeles for the next four years. The Recording Academy has announced it signed a four-year deal to hold the Grammys at the Staples Center beginning in 2019. Next year's show will be at Madison Square Garden on January 28th. 





Shania Twain isolated herself when she was writing her upcoming album, ``Now.'' That was by choice. Twain says she prefers to write alone because that's when the truth comes out.

She also did not listen to any current country music because she didn't want to be influenced by it. When she finished, she started wondering where her music is going to fit in. Twain says she kept to herself to be original and hopes that she can find a place. ``Now''

comes out in September. 


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Rory Feek of Joey and Rory will return to performing as a way to say thank you to the non-profit group that helped him with insurance and medical bills as his wife Joey died of cancer last year. Rory Feek will donate all the profits from the concerts at his home in Pottsville, Tennessee, on September 8th and 9th to the Music Health Alliance. Feek says he asked the non-profit for help when his wife wanted to try treatment at a facility out of their insurance network. He says he turned to the group again after she died for help figuring out all the bills. He says the Music Health Alliance never asked him for money. Feek says he also wants to get onstage again to learn what the future holds. 





U-2 bassist Adam Clayton says the other members of the band loved him before he had learned to love himself. The band stood with Clayton as he accepted an award Monday from the Musicians' Assistance Program, the charity run by the Recording Academy that helps those in the music industry with addiction.

Clayton has been sober for two decades and credits his bandmates for helping him stay in line. He says he used to think that being in a band meant drinking, but Eric Clapton was the one who talked him into rehab. 





When one of the bridesmaids at the wedding of Sara and Brandon McInnis said they enlisted a little help for the couple's first song, nobody thought that Rascal Flatts would be the ones helping. Rascal Flatts crashed the reception in Watertown, Wisconsin, Saturday to sing the couple's first dance song, ``Bless the Broken Road.'' A family friend had written to Rascal Flatts asking them to do it, and the band was in the area playing the Country U-S-A Festival in Oshkosh. Rascal Flatts had such a blast doing it they posted video on their website. 





A kidnapping suspect was known to be an Iron Maiden fan. His friend posted a picture of Iron Maiden tickets online. Authorities in San Antonio put two and two together and figured out exactly where to find their man. The Bexar (BEHR) County Sheriff's Office says it arrested Derrick Roseland on a warrant for aggravated kidnapping by going to the seats listed on the friend's tickets for the Iron Maiden show in San Antonio on Saturday.  

Roseland was taken into custody without incident. 





Universal Music Group is asking a Minnesota judge to cancel its music rights deal with Prince's estate. U-M-G claims a deal the estate made with Warner Brothers has elements that conflict with the U-M-G deal and it will take extensive litigation to sort it all out. The nature of the conflicts is not known because most of the relevant court filings are sealed or heavily redacted.

U-M-G says if the deal is not cancelled, new music from Prince's vault might not be heard for years. Prince's six siblings who were named heirs to the estate are split on whether to rescind the deal. 


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Lorde says her song ``Royals'' was a moonshot, but she could not hope for repeat success with her new album, ``Melodrama.'' That's why she's so excited that it's the number-one album in America. Lorde tweets when she was a kid, she thought big records had to be made sterile and calculated, with something sacrificed. She says she had the ``divine thrill of disapproving that firsthand.'' She says her 15-year-old self would have been so proud. 





Shakira is not worried about being a working mom.

She thinks it's good for her kids. Shakira says she wants her children to see their mother doing something she loves because it's setting a good example for them. She wasn't always that way. Shakira says she used to be the centre of her own universe and kept pushing ``pause'' on having a family. Now that she has one, Shakira says they're the priority and she's happy to push ``play.'' 





Former Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward had a habit of signing and dating his drum heads and sticks after he was done using them. He's now selling them. Ward will launch a shop through Reverb.com to sell the drum heads and other drum equipment he doesn't use anymore. He's unloading the cymbals he used on ``War Pigs,'' and he marvels that he played that song on cymbals so small.

Ward says he's had stuff sitting in ten storage areas. Ward says if the stuff ends up in a museum, so be it, but it would warm his heart if drummers would continue to use the equipment. The shop is expected to go live in the coming weeks. 





Trans-Siberian Orchestra will continue touring as a way to honour late founder Paul O'Neill. T-S-O has issued a statement saying O'Neill always talked about the band as an idea that would continue long after he stepped away from the stage. T-S-O will announce their winter tour dates in the coming weeks. O'Neill was found dead in a Tampa hotel room of an accidental drug overdose on April 5th. 





A comedy special based on the two shows Brad Paisley hosted in Nashville earlier this year is coming to Netflix.

``Brad Paisley's Comedy Rodeo'' features several comedians as well as guest appearances from Reba McEntire and David Hasselhoff. It will debut August 16th. 





Kellie Pickler, Yolanda Adams and Broadway star Laura Osnes will join the lineup for the national Independence Day celebration in Washington. They join previously announced performers John Stamos, Dan Aykroyd and Jim Belushi, The Beach Boys, Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray, The Four Tops, Trace Adkins, singer Sofia Carson and ``The Voice'' winner Chris Blue. P-B-S stations will carry the concert live as ``A Capitol Fourth.'' 



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Remy Ma has ended rival Nicki Minaj's seven-year winning streak at the 2017 B-E-T Awards. Ma, who was released from prison in 2014, won best female hip hop artist, an award Minaj has won since 2010. Bruno Mars, whose new album was heavily inspired by `90s R-&-B, also shined. He and Beyonce tied for video of the year - the top prize. Mars also won best male R-&-B/pop artist and kicked off the show with a fun and funky performance of the song, ``perm.'' In a taped message, Michelle Obama honored Chance the Rapper, who has raised two million dollars for Chicago public schools. The former First Lady said she and Barack Obama knew Chance ``since he was a baby rapper.''



A magazine writer is suing the creators of the new film about Tupac Shakur  for using some of his work in the movie without his permission. Kevin Powell has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against the makers of ``All Eyez On Me.'' He says it borrows from articles he wrote and interviews he did with Shakur for Vibe magazine. One instance Powell cites is the fictional character Nigel in the film, which he says is a copy of a character he wrote about based on music promoter Jacques ``Haitian Jack'' Agnant. The defendants in the lawsuit have not responded to requests for comment.



Billy Joel's advice for new graduates at his old high school: ``Pick a job you'll like, because if you pick a job you hate life's going to suck.'' New York's Newsday reports Joel gave a speech Saturday at graduation at Hicksville High School in Hicksville, New York. He told the grads they will never have as much idealism as they do now and they should hold onto that. Joel didn't go to his own graduation. He slept through his English final and didn't make up the credit for 25 years.



There are many things that Adele can do better than Dave Grohl, but he wasn't about to make swearing one of them. The Foo Fighters played the Glastonbury Festival in the U-K over the weekend. New Music Express reports Grohl told the audience he was told they were not supposed to swear during the festival. He also heard that Adele set the record last year for dropping the most F-bombs at Glastonbury, with 33. Grohl led the crowd in a chant of the offending word. He stopped and they kept going, so Grohl used that word to stop them and counted that as number 34.



Former Looking Glass singer Elliot Lurie says the way their song ``Brandy'' is used in the movie ``Guardians of the Galaxy 2'' is exactly how he always hoped it would be heard. It's used twice in the movie, and Lurie says the scene where Starlord's mother is singing along in her convertible is what he had in mind when he wrote it. Lurie says he used an old girlfriend's name for the song, but she was not a barmaid nor were they destined to be together. If you've never been able to guess what Lurie's accent is, believe it or not, it's New York. He says the producer told him to emphasize his R's because his Brooklyn accent kept coming through on the vocal.



The thing about being famous is that the hometown newspaper can dig up old news about you and tell everyone what you did. In John Legend's case, it's rather flattering. The Springfield News-Sun in Springfield, Ohio, republished a story about 10-year-old John Stephens, as he was known then, winning the local spelling bee in 1989. The article notes that Legend was the only kid who wore a suit and tie. His winning word was ``prejudice.''



The camping trailer Thomas Dolby used on his 2012 ``Time Capsule'' tour has sold on e-Bay for 12,600 dollars. Dolby's name is painted on the outside, and it contains equipment that allowed Dolby to record fans with messages for the future. It also has a fake laser death ray gun, a fake flux capacitor and a real Wi-Fi router. The sale included 100 Dolby t-shirts and 200 C-Ds believed to be of his ``Sole Inhabitant'' album, but no one checked for sure before the sale. Dolby is donating the proceeds from the sale to the educational charity Living Classrooms Foundation.



There aren't a lot of track-and-field athletes who are good at the three thousand-metre steeplechase event. Alex Van Halen's son happens to be one of them. Twenty-seven-year-old Aric Van Halen says he learned music as a kid but found that he was better at sports. Steeplechase involves jumping over barriers and running through water pits. Aric learned it while going to the University of Colorado. He made it to the Olympic trials last year but failed to qualify this past weekend. Aric says he's thinking of giving it up and pursuing a career in video.



A man accused of seriously injuring the son of reggae great Peter Tosh while in jail is facing an aggravated assault charge. Kyrie Baum is accused of attacking Jawara McIntosh in a general custody housing unit of the Bergen County jail in New Jersey in February. McIntosh is in a coma with traumatic brain injuries. He'd been serving a six-month sentence for pot possession. Baum is serving time for robbery and gun possession. Authorities have not said what sparked the attack but they do say it lasted less than 10 seconds. McIntosh's family had threatened to sue because they could not find out information about the attack.


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Gene Simmons of KISS has given up his attempt to trademark the devil horns hand gesture. The U-S Patent and Trademark Office states the application has been withdrawn. Simmons had put in the application two weeks ago. The metal community ridiculed Simmons for that move. Simmons' representative has not returned requests for comment. 





Percussionist Bo Wagner of the band Starbuck has died. Singer Bruce Blackman writes on his Facebook page Wagner died Tuesday at the age of 72. A cause of death was not given. Starbuck had a number-three hit in 1976 with ``Moonlight Feels Right.''

Blackman says Wagner's marimba solo on that song is considered the standard for all marimba students that few can achieve. Blackman says they had talked about recording another Starbuck album two years ago but their lives got in the way. They did a concert in Atlanta in August billed as ``Starbuck's Farewell Performance'' and Blackman says they had no idea how prophetic that would be. 





Loretta Lynn is bowing out of two more concert dates as she recovers from a stroke she suffered in May.

Hoyt Sherman Place in Des Moines, Iowa, says Lynn's July 7th concert has been cancelled ``due to circumstances beyond our control.'' The Five Flags Center in Dubuque, Iowa, cites the same message for Lynn's July 21st concert. Lynn, who is 85, is planning to host a motorcycle and music festival at her ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, at the end of September. 





Steve Earle had two purposes in making his ``So You Wannabe An Outlaw?'' album. One was to reclaim the word ``outlaw.'' Earle says fans think it was the boozy lifestyle that musicians like Earle and Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson led back in the day, and it's not. The other purpose was for Earle to channel Jennings and pay tribute to the musicians who helped shape Earle, like Nelson and Billy Joe Shaver. Earle says he was the kid of the outlaw country movement and all his heroes are dying out. He says it's possible another movement like that will happen, but probably not in his lifetime. ``So You Wannabe An Outlaw?'' is out now. 





Christina Perri is engaged. Perri announced on Instagram her boyfriend, Hollywood Reporter on-air host Paul Costabile, proposed and she said yes. Costabile posted on his Instagram he knew he wanted to marry Perri the day she showed up for an interview almost four years ago. 





Katy Perry has become the first musician to earn a third Diamond Award for singles from the Recording Industry Association of America. The R-I-A-A says Perry's song ``Roar'' has passed the ten-million mark for sales and streaming equivalents.

Perry's songs ``Firework'' and ``Dark Horse'' also have earned Diamond Awards. Eminem and Lady Gaga are the only other acts who have two Diamond Awards for singles. 





 The son of reggae legend Peter Tosh is in a coma after getting beat up in jail and his family is going to court to get answers. Jawara McIntosh has been hospitalized with brain injuries since the attack in February at the Bergen County Jail in New Jersey. He was serving six months for marijuana possession after police say they found more than 29-kilos of pot in his car. His family says McIntosh is a Rastafarian like his father and was fighting for marijuana legalization. They say McIntosh can't tell them what happened in jail and officials won't give them any solid information. The family plans to sue the county. A spokesman for the Bergen County's sheriff's office declined comment. 



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