Dauphin, Canada

The 2016 Manitoba Summer Games take place in Steinbach this summer from August 7-13. Athletes and teams from across the province have been training extensively in preparation, some have been preparing since last summer, even practicing indoors through the winter. Leading up to the games CKDM will keep you in the know.

 Today we look at girl's soccer. 

The Parkland girls soccer team tryout process is all but over, and now the final selection process begins. The roster must be finalized on June 15th.

Coach Ryan Parsons, son of boys soccer coach Owen Parsons, says he has 17 players trying out for 16 positions. Like his father Owen, Ryan Parsons uses the same three A's system: availability, ability, and attitude. Though he prioritizes the three slightly differently than his father, he explains.

"Ability is number one with it being a tryout team. Attitude is number two, and number three is availability - players have to be there to be able to count on them."

Of the 16 spots available Parsons says a number of players have essentially made the team based on their efforts and demonstration of the three A's system.

"I have about nine that demonstrate all three every week when they come out." 

Parsons says he will name his roster in the week before the deadline day.