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All ten candidates running for Dauphin city council presented their platforms at an election forum in Dauphin.

They all want better relations with the RM of Dauphin. The idea of starting fresh with new councils, new heads of councils, and new CAOs is a way to move relations forward. Some candidates like the idea of regular formal meetings between the two groups. The thought that both are better if they work together was a common theme from candidates.

Crime and homelessness are some of the big issues for candidates running for council in Dauphin. Affordable housing was brought up multiple times. Candidates cited the need for more residential buildings to be constructed in Dauphin, which is one way of reducing homelessness. Most candidates want to work with groups around town to help provide services to those struggling with homelessness.

On crime, some cited a need for RCMP officers to be present in the community at all times and that the city needs to do a better job at responding to the concerns of residents.

When asked about recreation and providing things to do for youth in the community, the councillors who commented all said sports are important. They mentioned the need to keep the facilities we have in good condition. No one mentioned any recreation options for youth who are not into sports.