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Megan Brunen and Erin Knight had life-changing experiences when they competed for the Loran Scholarship Award.

A chance to win a $100,000 scholarship is given to 30 students nationwide, and smaller awards are given to the runner-ups.

Brunen, a Grade 12 student at the DRCSS, talks about her overall experience:

“Oh, it’s been a great experience, honest, I feel like I could do well in any interview, moving on in the future, and I feel very confident.”

Knight, former graduate from Gilbert Plains Collegiate Institute, talks about her experience winning it:

“It’s been crazy, it’s a total life-changer. Another part of the scholarship is they give you a mentor and that’s been something that actually has been extremely helpful to me.  The other part, about the scholarship, that’s helped me a lot, is getting the opportunity to explore.  They funded my trip to Singapore this summer, where I worked for a non-profit organization there, and they funded my internship in Vancouver.  So I’ve gotten to explore the world quite a bit with Loran and plus the opportunity to go to school out-of-province.”

Brunen won a $5,000 scholarship to the university of her choice, and Knight won the full $100,000 scholarhsip in 2015.