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Winning an award during your high school years is always special, but, not many people win an award bigger than what McCreary's Lauryn Dunning won.

She was named the "A" category Jostens High School Athlete of the Year. "A" schools are rural schools with under 125 students.

"Winning this meant a lot to me," said Dunning. "I was really surprised when I got it. I just feel really honoured that I won the award."

"I was surprised because so many people had the chance to win it, and I didn't think I would."

When you take a look back at Dunning's achievements from this past year, the list goes on and on.

She and the rest of her team won the divisional soccer and volleyball Championships. Lauryn also competed at the Zone Championships in golf, curling, badminton, track & field, and because of her success in the Track & Field Zones, she advanced to the Provincial Championships.

She also played on the McCreary Mountaineers hockey team who were making their debut in the Westman High School Hockey League. 

"I think most of my success is thanks to all of the people I played with," she added. "So many people helped me, and I think that's a big reason for my success."

"I can't thank the teachers, my friends and everyone enough that supported me throughout the year," said Dunning. "It's been an unbelievable grade 12 year, and last four years in general. I couldn't be more thankful."

Dunning also won several other awards at McCreary High School:

  • Senior High Female Athlete of the Year.
  • Maverick Achievement Platinum Award.
  • MVP in Volleyball, Baseball, and Track & Field.
  • The Student of the Year.
  • McCreary School Special Award.

When taking a look back at her high school years, and this past year, Dunning has several fond memories.

"I remember for our volleyball divisional championship, we had to go right to the last point to win," said Dunning. "We were the underdogs there and we won it, so that was pretty special."

"And, of course playing hockey for the Mountaineers in the first year of the program," she added. "We knew there was going to be lots of work heading into the season, and we ended up getting a lot better as the season went on."

All of this success came while Dunning maintained a 93.5% average in school which is incredible considering how busy she was playing sports.

"I truly do value academics, and I always try my hardest to do the best I can," she added. "Now I'm planning on going to Brandon University and I'll be taking a Bachelor of Science, and I'm looking forward to giving everything I have to that as well."

Just because Lauryn won't play sports in high school anymore because she's graduating, she plans on playing them outside of school.

"I'm definitely planning on playing in intramurals, or playing in a rec league," said Dunning. "In the summer, I'll come home and hopefully I can get on a baseball team or something. Sports are definitely in my future."

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