David Bosiak has announced he's running for Mayor of Dauphin in the October 26th municipal election. He says his years of working in the community development field would help him in the position of Mayor.

"I like to view it as finishing the job." said Bosiak, "I moved back to town when I just finished university and got a three-month term position that I thought I was gonna be here for three months and then be gone. Three months turned into a year, turned into five years, turned into opening my gym. A series of fates ended up in me being here forever."

Bosiak said he spent his whole professional life in Dauphin and really grew to love the community and feel like a part of the community.

"I worked for the provincial government for eleven years in community development, so I saw how Dauphin operated, I saw how all the communities in the Parkland operated," said Bosiak, "I'd like to think I've seen just about everything, how effective councils work, how some communities are a little bit less effective and what they might do differently."

Bosiak is the second candidate to announce they're running, joining Kerri Riehl, making it the first contested election for Mayor of Dauphin since 2010. Bosiak said he's happy to have the contested race, saying it benefits the community, and will bring important issues to the forefront.