Ernie Sirski did a tremendous job as one of the co-hosts on the grandstand stage at Ukrainian Festival. Now his focus has switched to the upcoming harvest season and he is feeling pretty good about things.

"I just came back from a tour in Saskatchewan and it looks like our crops look as good as any there," said Sirski. "I think the crops that are here look pretty good."

Sirski did say some of the crops they planted did drown out and he also noted some of the canola fields don't look as strong as hoped. Ernie is also hoping for an inch of rain as we haven't had any meaningful precipitation in quite some time now.

"That wouldn't hurt but things look pretty good for the most part," said Sirski. "We are; however, expecting an average or just below crop, it is what it is."

Ernie figures he is still a few weeks away from getting on the field and he's expecting a late harvest. As long as there is no frost in September, he remains confident that he will get all of the crops off and in the bin.  

"We still have an opportunity to make some money with the historical prices right now, they're very good," said Sirski. "Even an average crop will bring us some dollars. How much, that depends because inputs are crazy right now but at least we have an opportunity."