Patti Eilers is looking to remain on Dauphin City Council as she runs in the municipal election scheduled to take place on October 26th.

Eilers grew up in rural Manitoba, moved to Saskatoon and then moved to Dauphin, where she lived and worked for over thirty-five years.

She says that people should vote for her because she has the strong skills, knowledge and experience needed to continue working on initiatives to further improve the community.

"I always strive to be involved with many community efforts, not only City Council, but to make Dauphin a better place to live, work, play and visit," she adds.

Eilers believes that Dauphin's strongest needs are continuing to work toward providing more affordable housing, more health services with a focus on mental health and addictions, increased public safety for residents and businesses, and high-quality affordable child care and senior care.

"Through Communities in Bloom, we've initiated since 2010 efforts in environmental action by increasing [reforestation], composting, recycling and conservation... I feel we need to continue adapting to the everchanging world and promoting energy efficiency methods as well as collaborating efforts for flood mitigation and other extreme weather-related events," she adds.

As for the crime situation, Patti Eilers says everyone in the community needs to get involved in order to lower the crime rate.

"It means that we have to be more vigilant as community members and do timely reporting, so that we can pinpoint different things that are happening in our community," she adds.

Eilers went on to say that the City is already working with the Inter-Mountain Watershed District to develop flood mitigation techniques, since "what happens upstream affects us here in the city and what we do in the city affects all our communities downstream".

The registration deadline for Council, Mayor, Reeve, and School Trustee has passed. Candidates still have until 4:30 this afternoon to withdraw from the race, and a full list of candidates will be confirmed and available tomorrow.