Ken Tarrant is running in the municipal election to become a councillor on Dauphin City Council.

Tarrant was born and raised in Dauphin, where he spent most of his life

He believes that people should vote for him because he's at the stage of his life where he has the time to devote to the position.

"I have a lot of knowledge of the town because I've been here my whole life and so has my family," he adds.

Tarrant says that he's running for council because he would like to be a part of the decision-making and would like to see some change on council.

"They were down to four councillors for quite a while and there's a lot of things happening in town and it just seems like it's time," he adds.

Ken Tarrant plans to develop a strategy to draw in more business from potential companies looking to expand to Dauphin while supporting small businesses already operating in town if elected.

"I just believe that we have to be ready for big companies because if a big company is looking to go somewhere, we have to be prepared because all of a sudden... we're competing with other cities," he adds.

He went on to say that Dauphin's cultural diversity and facilities like Credit Union Place, the Fort Dauphin Museum, the Waston Arts Centre and the Countryfest site help the economy by attracting people to the city.

As for the crime situation, Ken Tarrant believes that community-led initiatives like the Citizens on Patrol Program could help lower crime rates.

"It kinda goes back to the citizens... They can help themselves by reporting all the crimes that happen in town... Then the RCMP have the crime stats to show... that the crime rate's going up... and that's how they determine how much they need for officers and for police patrols," he adds. 

A complete list of candidates running for office in the City and R.M. of Dauphin can be found here.