Wilf Kachurowski is aiming for a seat on the R.M. of Dauphin Council as he runs in the municipal election.

Kachurowski has lived in the R.M. of Dauphin for almost fifty years.

He says that people should vote for him because he feels that policies and by-laws should be fair for everybody.

"I just wanted to, people have encouraged me to sit on council, and so I want to try and contribute to my constituency... If I do get elected, they can call me and I can serve them the best I can and get them information and listen to their concerns and bring them up to council," he adds.

Kachurowski went on to say that his desire to represent residents is the main reason behind his run for council.

If elected, he plans on looking at what other municipalities are doing and bringing some of those ideas to the R.M.

"People are concerned about recreation... I've been hearing that people are saying that crime is on the rise and so [I] just [want] to see what can be done to help reduce it... They used to have rural crime watch... Also, I believe in accessibility and accountability to the ratepayers' concerns... financial updates, efficient infrastructure maintenance and future investments," he adds.

Although Kachurowski would sit on the R.M. of Dauphin Council if elected, he believes that it's important to work with Dauphin City Council to help improve the area overall.

A complete list of candidates running for office in the City and R.M. of Dauphin can be found here.