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The ground has been broken and concrete's been poured on a new affordable housing fourplex at Parkland Crossing. The project is expected to be complete in February and Wayne Olson, the Community Minister at the Church of Christ, says there will hopefully be more buildings to come in the future.

"It takes a lot of money to do these things. We are a very very small congregation, so having money and people gifting us and finding funding for the project to carry on. We will keep looking for more money to come in to help build. We would like to do three more fourplexes in the next few years if we can. That's our goal and we'll keep looking for funding opportunities so we can build more affordable housing units."

While the building itself won't be complete until late this winter, Parkland Crossing has started taking applications for the units.

"There is an application process for people to go through. We rent to a variety of people, in our facility right now we have 20 apartments and 34 rooming house rooms that we rent out. The process will be very much the same, they will come in and fill out an application."

The fourplex will be all two-bedroom units, and Olson says it's perfect for seniors having trouble keeping up with the rising cost of living, young families just starting out, or single parents with small children.

"People can come in, our business office is open from ten to four every day, and they can get applications from there. If you just want to find out more information about the project you can talk to myself, Wayne Olson, or Jaimie Harvey, or if you know some of the members of the Church of Christ you can talk to any of them, they will all be updated on what's happening. Don't be scared to give us a call, we'd be glad to share information."

Parkland Crossing is located at 220 Whitmore Ave. W in Dauphin, and the office phone number is (204) 638-3333.