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The Manitoba Government has announced a $200,000,000 dollar Carbon Tax Relief Fund.

Premier Heather Stefanson made the announcement this morning, saying that the fund will help all Manitobans who lived in the province on December 31st, 2021, whose family net income that year was less than $175, 000.

This is the second round of affordability relief the provincial government has provided, with the initial package going out in the fall.

"Our initial affordability package focused on helping families with children address back-to-school costs and seniors with fixed or low incomes address inflation-related challenges,” said the premier. “Our new Carbon Tax Relief Fund will broaden access to support almost every Manitoban who has to drive to work, take their kids to activities or go out to buy groceries.”

Premier Stefanson says this is part of an $850,000,000 package that will also address financial pressures within the healthcare system, support Manitoba municipalities with targeted project funding, and help communities and industries recover.

The payments will be sent out automatically to eligible residents based on their 2021 income tax return. If your address has changed since you filed your return, you need to complete an online form before 9 a.m. on February 10, 2023.

Cheques will start to be sent out by the end of January, but the government says nearly 700,000 cheques will be sent out, so it could take up to six weeks for all payments to be mailed. More information about the payments, as well as frequently asked questions can be found here.