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Manitoba's largest First Nation has become the province's first to take control of its child welfare system.

Peguis First Nation, Peguis Child & Family Service Agency, and the federal and provincial governments have all signed the agreement known as the Peguis Act, which gives the first nation control over its own children.

During his opening remarks at the ceremony, Chief Glenn Hudson of Peguis First Nation says it's about time this happened, and it really makes you think of all of the people that came before.

"For me, I thought of my Dad, I thought of my Grandparents, I thought of my Grandmother. When you think of those people, and what has happened in their history, and I know many of you that are here have had a tainted history in terms of Child and Family, and even beyond that, the Residential School process, you know that's where a lot of this began."

Federal Indigenous Services Minister Patty Hajdu represented the federal government at the signing in Winnipeg today, and she says the agreement is a new way of thinking about how to help people stay together.

The Peguis First Nation is one of just over two dozen communities to have notified Indigenous Services Canada that it intends to handle its own child and family services.

A full video of today's ceremony can be found on the Peguis First Nation Facebook page.