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February 2nd is known as World Wetlands Day and Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) is joining in the celebration.

The organization has partnered with thousands of Manitobans to conserve wetlands on their property. Since 1938, over 700,000 acres of wetlands have been set aside for conservation in the province. Despite this, DUC notes that the southwestern portion of Manitoba still sees significant wetland loss every year.

This year, DUC is providing just over 15-million dollars in financial incentives and programs to encourage landowners in the province to conserve wetlands. Part of those incentives includes average payments of $100,000 to landowners who commit to protecting their wetlands.

Some of the benefits that wetlands bring is an increase in pollinators in farm fields which leads to better pollination and higher yields. Wetlands can also host insects that prey on common crop pests such as flea beetles in canola. They can also be home to many species of birds and other animals that you don't commonly see or could be endangered or at risk of becoming endangered.

All the contact information and a map of DUC's target landscapes in Manitoba, click here.