Bill C-21, specifically the amendments made to the bill, have come under a lot of fire recently, as many critics and gun owners say they unfairly targeted hunters and farmers.

This morning, Liberal MP Taleeb Noormohamed said the government is removing the clause that would have effectively banned any rifle or shotgun that has the potential to hold a magazine with more than five rounds, whether or not it actually had one.

The government was also planning on banning long guns that generate more than 10,000 joules of energy, or guns with a mizzle wider than 20 millimeters. Both of these would have landed many firearms on a "prohibited" list.

When it was originally drafted, Bill C-21 was intended to ban handguns, but amendments were made which changed the bill entirely, and was met with mass criticism from gun owners across the country.

While Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino has stood by the amendments in the past, saying the government wants to cut down on gun violence, critics of the amendments say most guns used in crime are handguns, brought into the country illegally from the United States.