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You can never go wrong with buying flowers that go towards a good cause.
 The Dauphin Friendship Centre in partnership with the DRCSS Aboriginal Students Association will be selling tulips at the Dauphin Market Place Mall this weekend.
The funds from they receive from the sale will go to the Manitoba Lung Association's 2016 Breath of Spring Campaign. This fundraiser is geared towards raising awareness about lung disease and how lung disease affects Canadians. As well to raise funds to fight this disease.
Jeremy Smith, executive director for the Dauphin Friendship Centre says that they volunteer for this every year because it's important to get the awareness out there about lung disease.
"I think it's a great opportunity for the entire community to be educated about lung disease.But it's also amazing to see some of our youth going out and selling the flower."
Westman Area Coordinator for the Manitoba Lung Association says that having the Dauphin Friendship Centre as a volunteer group for the past three years has been a success.
"They are one of our favorite partnerships, they are just so easy to work with. And I know Jeremy, he builds his program around helping the volunteers build their resumes for job and job skills. So it's kind of a win win."
The tulips will be sold in the entrance way of Walmart, Saturday and Sunday.