A candlelight vigil was held last night to show solidarity with Ukraine, and commemorate their year of defense against Russia.

Several dozen people came out on the frigid Friday evening to show their support. The event consisted of a prayer, song, and speeches from local dignitaries.

The list of speakers included MLA Brad Michaleski, NDP candidate Ron Kostyshyn, Mayor David Bosiak, and several representatives from local Ukrainian groups.

Don Tarrant of the Parkland Ukrainian Family Fund spoke on the efforts put forth to help the newcomers in the area.

As of today, we are at 25 families that have come to dauphin and the parkland area. 43 of them are adults, and 32 children and the children are all in school, and believe it or not, they love school.

Tarrant sent a wave of gratitude to the Ukrainian Folk Art Museum, which has helped handle many of the donations.

they're receiving the funds that are being deposited. Without them, we could've never started this. They're doing this at zero cost and the project would've never got off the ground without them. we're very thankful to the Folk Art Museum.

The event was wrapped up with a performance led by the Local folk singing group. 

It may have been a cold evening, but the warmth of the community with their support and unity shined brightly through the frosty night.