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Planes and drones with specialized infrared cameras will be in the air over the next month as moose and elk numbers are going to be tallied. 

Aerial game surveys are planned in the Porcupine Mountains, Duck Mountains, Turtle Mountains, and Nopiming areas.  

Surveys will be conducted utilizing drones and fixed-wing aircraft equipped with infrared imaging and colour sensing cameras. A traditional method of helicopter survey is also being conducted in the Turtle Mountains to count elk and moose.

Natural Resources and Northern Development Minister Greg Nesbitt acknowledges how crucial well-monitored big game populations are.

"Big game are important to many Manitobans, whether for its natural value, as a source of food, cultural or traditional reasons or for wildlife viewing. With declining moose populations, it is important that we continue to survey and monitor big game populations to maintain a sustainable population for future generations of Manitoban’s and to maintain a heathy ecosystem."

The count began in late January but is heavily subject to weather conditions. This project will last until early April.