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The election is coming up, and if you are unsure of what's going on in it, well there is a website set up for ya!
Some Winnipeggers came up with the website where there is lots of different things to keep you in the know about the election.
The site features the constituency maps, a calendar of election-related events, recordings of election debates, educational resources on legislative politics in Manitoba, election candidates along with links to their web pages, email addresses and social media accounts, news articles that mention candidates, and up-to-date election news from a variety of media sources.
Co-founder for Open Democracy Manitoba, Kyle Geske says him and his friends started this up back in 2011.
"We were actually out at the bar one day and complaining about the fact that we didn't know where to look for information on the candidates the time of the Winnipeg election. And then we realized that this was something that we could just build ourselves."
Geske says he hopes this website will increase community interest in democracy and help people out if they don't know what's going on with the election.
"These are the bits of information that people want when they want to make an informed choice as a voter. So you want to be able to find out what the candidates your voting for stand for, their party platform, and maybe be able to contact them to ask them some questions before the election."
Since starting it up the website has 200,000 visitors and over a million page views over the years.