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The Parkland Chamber of Commerce is preparing for their final lunch and learn event of the season, which will take place next Tuesday at the Watson Arts Centre.

Executive Director Stephen Chychota thinks it will be a topic of keen interest to everyone in the business sector.

 "Everyone has payment processing, they have a cyber presence, they have digital items like their phones. So there is a slant to it that we are going to be talking about online security and the risks of that and the frauds that can potentially come."

Richard Bankert will discuss these topics, while representatives from the Digital Manitoba Initiative will also be making a presentation during this event. 

"To give us a rundown on what Manitoba businesses have they been doing over the past few years to adapt more technology into their businesses.  Where are they putting those investments and taking on new technologies or made those steps and progress.  It is kind of in that lens that technology does not drive your business, that you have to use the technology in a way that makes your business thrive." 

 You can register for this event by this Friday through the Parkland Chamber's website.