City of Dauphin Crews will be working to repair a water main leak on 1st Avenue NE, first thing tomorrow morning.

The street will be closed between 1st Street NE and 2nd Street NE starting at 7 am.

People are being asked to avoid the area when possible.



Update published at 11:07 am March 7th:

The Gypsumville RCMP has arrested 28-year-old Gilbert Woodhouse of Lake Manitoba First Nation in relation to the March 2nd homicide in the community.

Woodhouse has been charged with Second Degree Murder and remains in custody. Police don't believe there are any other suspects.


Original article published at 2:55 pm March 3rd:

The Gypsumville RCMP are investigating after they responded to a report of an injured male at a residence on Lake St. Martin First Nation.

The call came in around 6:20 pm yesterday, and it was reported that someone had been injured at a residence in the community. Police responded, and found the 34-year-old male, who was pronounced deceased at the scene.

His death is being treated as a homicide, and Gympsumville detachment, along with RCMP Major Crime Services, and RCMP Forensic Identification Services, continue to investigate.

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) has been detected in white-tailed deer in Manitoba for the first time since the disease was originally detected in 2021.

It was found in biological samples of 2 male white-tailed deer. There have now been a total of 20 positive cases of CWD in Manitoba. 17 of those cases have been found in male mule deer, 1 in a female mule deer, and 2 in male white-tailed deer.

CWD is an incurable, fatal disease that affects members of the cervid family which includes animals like deer, moose, elk, and caribou. An animal infected with the disease may appear healthy until the later stages of infection. As the disease progresses, infected animals become very thin and uncoordinated while displaying dropping ears and heads. They also can become unaware of their surroundings and often show excessive drooling.

The concern with CWD is that if it spreads, it could become endemic to Manitoba and affect the entire cervid population. The province thanks hunters who have been participating in efforts to manage the disease through submitting samples of harvested animals. To see if you are in a hunting area which requires mandatory samples, view the mandatory surveillance zones map.

CWD is not known as a health risk to humans, but meat from an animal infected with it is not recommended for consumption. For more information about Chronic Wasting Disease, visit the Manitoba government's website

The Dauphin Kin Business Expo is returning after a few years off, and spaces are selling quickly.

The event is already more than 65% sold out, and Chairman Dan Pylypchuk says they've sold out the walking track. He says Credit Union Place only has a couple of spots left, and most of the remaining spots available are in the curling rink.

"It's always been a great time. A lot of people smiling and laughing, a lot of people getting together just for general chit chat, and we actually have a lot of new vendors this year, so it'll be interesting to see how that all develops."

You can register for the expo on the Dauphin Kin Website, and at the bottom of the page, there's a map that shows available booths.

Are you and YOUR business in?

Posted by The Dauphin Kin Business Expo on Monday, February 27, 2023

The Manitoba Farmer Wellness Program opened its doors on March 1st, 2022, and a year later, they're continuing to grow and spread awareness.

Founding Board Member and Co-Chair, Roberta Galbraith, is going to be presenting at this week's Dauphin Ag Society Farm Outlook, and she says spreading awareness has become a big focus.

"We opened the doors on March first, 2022 and we thought, people know that the programs out there and uptake will be pretty quick. And we did have, initially, we had a little run of folks that were looking for the program, and then things just really died off. Partly that would be spring seeding and whatnot, but partly we realized very quickly that awareness about the program and its accessibility just wasn't out there."

Galbraith says they had to adapt their strategy, making awareness a top priority. That isn't anything new, however, as spreading awareness is a big way that organizations are addressing the stigma that comes with talking about mental health and well-being.

"I'd like to think people are becoming much more comfortable talking about mental health and wellness, and when they're just not feeling ok. So let's hope that some of that stigma and those barriers are being reduced."

Part of spreading awareness for the program is going out to events, like Manitoba Ag Days earlier this year, and Farm Outlook 2023 later this week.

The Farmer Wellness program provides six free counseling sessions a year for farmers and their families, with certified counselors who are in the ag industry and know the stress that's put on producers. You can find out more about the program on their website here.

The Dauphin Citizens on Patrol Program (COPP) has been on the streets helping to keep our city safe.

Since mid-December, COPP has covered nearly 870 kilometers of road, driving around the City of Dauphin while keeping a close eye out for suspicious activities.

Richard Ives, the program's coordinator, tells us how the patrol program benefits the City.

"We just want to be the extra eyes and ears for the community and the RCMP. so anything that looks suspicious, if we come across a fire or anything that may be happening before anyone else reports it, we can be that first contact to get support for those folks at their time of need."

The program has eleven trained volunteers currently, and has another four undergoing training. The group is always looking for volunteers to help the cause, and more training is planned in March to increase the ranks to as many as 18 or more.

COPP will be at the Dauphin Kin Business Expo on April 22nd to inform the public about the work they do. For more information, or to volunteer, contact Richard Ives at 204-638-6003, Rodney Juba at 204-638-4946, or Frank Giesbrecht at the Dauphin RCMP detachment at 204-622-5050.  

CKDM would like to thank the volunteers of the Dauphin Citizens on Patrol Program (COPP) for patrolling our community....

Posted by 730 CKDM on Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Affordable childcare's coming to Manitoba much sooner than expected.

When the province signed on to the Canada-wide early learning and childcare agreement in August of 2021, the original target was to have $10-a-day healthcare by 2026.

However, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in Winnipeg this morning, to announce that it's coming way ahead of schedule.

"We're here together to announce that Manitoba will achieve an average of ten dollars a day for regulated childcare in a few weeks, on April 2nd, three years ahead of schedule."

Trudeau says that today's announcement shows the work that can be done when governments work together for a common goal.

"All of this work wouldn't be possible without the advocacy and leadership of the childcare sector. So to all the experts, educators, providers, and families, who've been tireless in advocating for better childcare for years, indeed for decades, thank you for your continued work."

Premier Heather Stefanson was part of the announcement as well, also stressing the importance of working together on these projects.

"As the Prime Minister said, and I'm gonna reiterate again, when we work together we can accomplish great things, for our communities, for our province, and for our country."

Manitoba's childcare subsidy program will continue to give financial support by further reducing fees for those who can't afford the $10-a-day price tag. Stefanson says they want to ensure that cost isn't a barrier to quality early-learning programs.

Two 14-year-old girls are dead after they were found outside a residence on St. Theresa Point First Nation Wednesday morning.

RCMP officers from the Island Lake detachment responded to a report of two females found outside the home. They were then taken to a nursing station where they were pronounced deceased.

It is believed that they were outside for a period of time when the temperature was around -23 overnight.

Autopsies will be conducted and Island Lake RCMP continue to investigate.

If you're looking to get married to the love of your life and you aren't sure where to do it, the Gilbert Plains Country Club will have you covered starting in the spring.

Their brand new Event Centre is completed and they are excited to introduce 'The Grounds'. It is the newest wedding venue in the Parkland and it's a one-stop shop. That means you won't need to travel to any other venue, the entire ceremony, meal, and everything else included in a wedding will be done at the Gilbert Plains Country Club.

"It's going to be a park like atmosphere," said Easton Gryba. "We're going to be planting a bunch of trees, flowers, and plants throughout the course to attract more people."

Easton, who recently got married to her husband, Regan, says the best part about The Grounds is the accessibility. 

"You don't only get access to a hall, you will also have access to a ceremony site with benches and an arch," said Gryba. "You won't have to worry about renting chairs or wondering where your ceremony will be, that's the great thing about this venue."

If you are interested in getting more information or booking a wedding in the spring, you can call or text Easton at 204-648-5047.

The Bear Clan Patrol is reporting that 14-year-old Faith Winter, who had been missing since Sunday, has been safely located.

C23-46401 Faith Winter Age 14 Update ********* Has been located safe.

Posted by Bear Clan Patrol - Missing Persons on Tuesday, February 28, 2023

The RCMP is recommending anyone who handles money to be vigilant when handling large bills after two suspects were caught on camera using counterfeit cash.

This comes after Selkirk RCMP received reports from local businesses that two individuals produced multiple suspicious $100 banknotes.

One of the suspects fled the scene after a cashier became suspicious and called the police. Luckily, this was after security cameras took an image of his face.

The counterfeit currency was seized and two of the three bills were found with the same serial number. The three bank notes also had a security feature that is found on a different denomination.

For anyone who thinks they have received counterfeit currency, contact your local RCMP.

 For tips on how to spot counterfeit currency, please go to

The Selkirk RCMP is asking for public assistance in finding the two suspects.



For anyone with information on either of these two suspects, please contact the Selkirk RCMP at 204-482-1222 or submit an anonymous tip through crime stoppers at