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An invasive species has been detected in our nearby National Park, and you still have time to weigh on how it's dealt with.

Parks Canada is extending the public comment period on a Detailed Impact Assessment for a potential eradication of zebra mussels in Clear Lake, in Riding Mountain National Park.

Riding Mountain is looking to take action against the zebra mussels that have been detected in the lake, but not before hearing what the public has to say about their methodology.

Please be aware that the deadline for Public Comment on a “Detailed Impact Assessment for a potential eradication of...

Posted by Riding Mountain National Park on Monday, March 18, 2024

A detailed assessment is to take place which factors in short-term and long-term effects on the plants and wildlife of Clear Lake, and how the invasive zebra mussels could alter the ecosystem.

Zebra Mussels can impact native species, severely affect and/or alter food webs and ecosystems, damage infrastructure, and affect visitor experience.

Parks Canada states their priority is the ecological integrity of Clear Lake and surrounding ecosystems and that any eradication effort considered would be carefully evaluated and only used if feasible.

You can learn more about how the zebra mussel issue is to be handled, and voice your opinion on the matter online through The Impact Assessment Agency Of Canada's Website.

Dauphin residents could see future increases to their water and wastewater bill if an application by the city to the Public Utilities Board is approved. 

The city is looking to increase water rates from the current level of $2.23 per cubic metre to $2.52 in year one, and to $2.71 by year three. 

Wastewater levels would go from the current amount of 81 cents per cubic metre to 92 cents in year one, and up to 96 cents by year three. 

And the quarterly service charge would also be increased, from the current rate of $40.07 to $41.43 in year one and to $44.01 by year three. 

Residents with concerns or comments regarding the city's application must forward them to the Public Utilities Board before April 27th. 

Water rate changes in Dauphin were last approved in 2021 and went into effect in 2023.

Fusion Credit Union has been named one of Manitoba's Top Employers for 2024, according to the editors of Canada's Top 100 Employers. 

This is the fifth straight year that Fusion has received this honour, which recognizes Manitoba employers who lead their industries in offering an exceptional place to work.

Employers are evaluated using numerous criteria, such as health, financial and family benefits, employee communication, training and development, and community involvement. 

Last year, Fusion Credit Union employees logged around 7,000 volunteer hours in the 18 communities they serve, including Dauphin. 

They also gave 250 thousand dollars back to their communities through donations and sponsorships of local events and projects, through their Community Infusion program. 

Fusion CEO Darwin Johns says receiving this recognition for multiple years is a testament to the hard work and dedication of their employees, adding they are the driving force behind the company's success. 

In the courts yesterday, one of the accused in a series of armed robberies earlier this month in Dauphin made an appearance. 

30-year-old Desmond Parenteau of Duck Bay was remanded back into custody until April 8th. 

And a 30-year-old charged after an early January incident in Dauphin was also back in court.

Shayne Lavallee faces multiple charges including assault and assaulting a peace officer, and will return to court on May 14th. 

The Watson Art Center hosted a full house of businesses and organizations being recognized for their many years of collaboration with the Parkland Chamber of Commerce.

Stephen Chychota, Executive director of the chamber group was excited to host this annual event. 

"This is always such a fun event because it's just all recognition and appreciation to the members"

There was no shortage of love to go around as 44 different businesses were recognized for their years of working with the chamber group.

 In a bit of a coincidence, the Watson Art Center celebrated its 50th year of working with the chamber while hosting this event.

While many businesses were recognized, there was also a very important changing of the guard that was featured.

Gabe Mercier was celebrated for his many years as the Parkland Chamber President, even taking on an extra year to make sure there was a smooth transition.

Jon Yerama will be taking over as president this year.

The chamber expresses its sincere gratitude to these outstanding members for their continued commitment to the Chamber and the business community.

The full list of this year's recipients can be found below.

Today kicks off a campaign from CAA Manitoba that's looking for the Worst Roads in the province.

CAA Manitoba is looking for the public's input to hopefully influence the provincial government and inspire some much-needed road repairs.

If you know a road that's pitted with potholes, constantly congested, has terribly timed traffic lights or is generally unsafe for drivers and pedestrians, CAA wants to hear about them.

The Vote for CAA Manitoba's Worst Road runs from today, march 19th, to April 12th.

To nominate your least favorite road, visit

The board of the Countryfest Community Cinema has noticed that fewer people have been attendng movies since the COVID-19 pandemic.

And board member Marissa Philippe says they are curious as to why that is happening

"What is stopping you from coming to the movies and we really want to know so please share openly. Is there something we can change?  Is it the hours that the movies are showing?  Is it the type of movies that we are showing?  Is it anything about the cinema? Tell us specifically what is keeping you from coming.  And then what would make you come more often to the movies.  What can we do to make that happen.  And not just the feedback, but we would love to you to share your positive memories of cinemas so that we can share those on our social media pages."

Philippe is encouraging residents to reach out to them and provide this feedback.

"We have created an email specifically for this called This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . And you have to submit this feedback to us before May 15th to have a chance to win a prize that we are giving away to two lucky winners.  And this will be an entire supply of tickets to the movies."

Fellow board member Ron Hedley says they plan to act quickly on the recommendations that they get. 

"AS a board we have talked a lot about trying to figure out why people are not coming to the shows.  And we know some of it is post COVID, but we really want people to tell us what it would take (to come back) and we will make changes fast to accomodate that.  Because it is your theatre so please let us know."

After taking a year off, the Neepawa and District Farm and Leisure Lotto is back this year.

Lottery chairman Mary-Ellen Clark says it is the 17th year overall for the lottery, and they are excited to have it back after having to cancel last year's lottery.

"In the 16 years that we have run the lottery, we have raised over $1,881,000."

Clark adds proceeds from the lottery goes towards the medical building in Neepawa.

"Due to our increasing population in Neepawa, which has doubled in recent years, we needed to do some renovations.  Over the 16 years, we have done three different major renovations to the clinic.  We have actually bought three different houses surrounding the clinic that we have turned into parking lots.  We have also added a canopy outside of the south entranceway to the clinic so that when people get unloaded there they can get under shelter and out of the rain." 

The grand prize is a choice of $100,000 cash or a voucher towards a farm and leisure package or a truck and trailer package.

The early bird draw, which takes place next Monday, is for either $10,000 cash or a credit towards a side-by-side.

Clark says ticket sales have been strong so far, adding they always get great support from Dauphin and the rest of the Parkland region.

"It is unbelievable the people from Dauphin, Gilbert Plains, Grandview, Rorketon, and all around that have supported us for years with this project.  And we are so thankful for that because they have their own community but they continue to help us." 

Tickets are $100 each or 3 for $250 and are now on sale online at, or by calling 1-877-876-8555. 

They will also be on sale Wednesday through Saturday in the meeting room at the Neepawa town hall.    

The Elkhorn Resort was bustling activity over the weekend, as two farm families competed for the title of Manitoba's Outstanding Young Farmer Of The Year.

The results are in, and this year's title winner is Four Oak Farms, run by Marcus and Paige Dueck!

We caught up with Paige Dueck to hear about the experience at the award ceremonies this weekend.

"There's a huge group of people involved with OYF that are really welcoming, really supportive, like-minded progressive farmers. It's a really awesome place to hang out for the weekend."

Both Marcus and Paige have a strong background in Agriculture.

Marcus was born and raised on his second-generation family farm; Paige worked on farms growing up.

Both graduated from the University of Manitoba with Bachelor of Science in Agriculture majoring in Animal Systems.

Marcus achieved his Professional Agrologists license and worked as a sales associate for Marc Hutlet Seeds Ltd. He is a member of the local fire department and currently sits on the Dairy Farmers of Manitoba Advisory Committee.

The Dueck's operation has nearly 50 brown Swiss dairy cows as well as 785 acres where they grow corn, soybeans, and forages supplying both the dairy and cash crops.

Paige noted that they love what they do and take pride in how they do it. Sharing the farm's lifestyle with family, friends, and visitors gives them joy and educates others.

The next step for the duo is the national stage, bringing their Manitoban excellence to the Canadian Outstanding Young Farmer Awards.

To learn more about the Outstanding Young Farmer Program, and how to nominate a farmer, visit the OYF Canada Website for all the details.

Two of the highlight events of the year for the Parkland Chamber of Commerce are set to take place in the coming days.

Milestone awards will be presented to some chamber members and partners during their annual Chamber Appreciation lunch tomorrow. 

The event begins at 11:45 tomorrow morning at the Watson Arts Centre, and will be followed up immediately by the organization's Annual General Meeting. 

Then on Wednesday, the best of the best over the past year will be recognized during the Chamber Celebration Night, which takes place Wednesday night beginning at 7 at Countryfest Community Cinema. 

A total of seven awards will be presented, including businessperson of the year, and outstanding business.

Tickets for either the Tuesday lunch or Wednesday awards presentation can be picked up through the Chamber's website. 

With the arrival of a 60th family from Ukraine earlier this month, and another family set to arrive later this week, organizers of the Parkland Ukrainian Family Fund have announced plans to shift their focus.

Tere Stykalo says they are going to put a pause on bringing more new families to the region, with their focus now going towards further supporting the families that have already arrived and making sure that they are set up to succeed. 

"The fund is definitely still accepting donations as far as monetary goes.  We are always accepting volunteer hours.  There is a tremendous amount of support that requires just getting the families settled, getting them into the financial institutions to get their banking set up, to get their insurance set up.  Some of that stuff has been done, but there is also the ongoing supports.  So to our Ukrainian families,  the support from the Parkland Ukrainian Family Fund is not over, it is just beginning."

Stykalo highlights some of the areas that they will be working on. 

"Families are still going to look for permanent residency, and a number are applying already, so there is some help needed from the community and different organizations to help with that.  And integrating them into the English language classes.  The Parkland Ukrainian Family Dund is very proud that we have created those English classes, but teachers are required."

Meanwhile, Jim Perchaluk adds they will also be working on a summer daycare program for these families.

"During the summer, we need daycare classes for those parents that currently have children in school, and they have to be looked after during the summer.  We set up daycare last year and we intend to do the same again this summer."

Anyone wanting to help out in any of these areas can contact Larry at 204-648-5904, or any member of the Parkland Ukrainian Family Fund committee. 

Monetary donations can also still be made at Fusion Credit Union, with cheques being made out to the Ukrainian Folk Arts Museum, who are administering the fund.