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Kelly Beaulieu says Manitoba has good cropping ability and irrigated land, and doesn't have drought and contamination issues that other food producing regions such as California have.
Beaulieu says there are some ways that farmers in Dauphin can help contribute to Manitoba's role in food production.
"The ability of plant breeders to produce crops that are better suited to our environment is much enhanced over what it was 20 years ago. So our ability to have dwarf varieties and a lot of the plants that can take the climate that we have, I don't think is all that much of a geographical limitation. I think Dauphin is within the range certainly of an area where we can do pretty good vegetable production and crop production of other kinds as well."
Beaulieu says some examples of important crops that can be grown in the Dauphin area include alfalfa and canola, which are two crops that can be used for protein extraction.