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Polly Fjeldsted joined the Parkland Gators Swim Club one year ago because she heard it would be enjoyable.

Now one year later as she continues to gain confidence in the waters, Polly is enjoying every second and she's very happy that she did join. 

"I'm really enjoying the fact that I get to improve every time I go in the water," said Fjeldsted. "I'm always challenging myself to become the best I can be."

Polly's favourite is the breaststroke and her favourite food is bean burritos, which she celebrates after a successful swim and competition. At an event in Brandon back in November, Polly finished fifth in her butterfly race, which she was very proud of.

"It was a lot of fun getting the chance to compete and be with my teammates," ended Fjeldsted. "I also want to improve my butterfly time moving forward."