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Dauphin's Colour Blast takes place Saturday, August 27th.


Dauphin's Colour Blast 5K fun run is fast approaching with the run to take place Saturday August 27th.
Test Chair with Skate Dauphin, who helps to run the Colour Blast, Colleen Talbot, says that runners will see quite a bit of Dauphin on the 5K route.
The route starts at the grand stands in the fair grounds behind, Credit Union Place. The route goes through Dauphin, past Source for Sports, through Vermillion Park, back up across Main St., by Health Basics, and back to the fair grounds.
"Lots of people will see you because you'll be very colourful," says Talbot.
Participants need not run, they are welcome to walk the 5 kilometre route if they prefer. "We just prefer that you don't crawl," joked Talbot, "it might take a bit too long."
Participants are asked not to bring dogs or bicycles. Wagons and strollers are welcome so runners can bring young children along. However, they are asked to prepare accordingly, and cover their children's eyes so they don't get the coloured corn starch thrown in them.
Registration for the run is now $50; however, major sponsor Scotiabank still has some registrations left at $24. The Colour Blast is entering its 3rd year in Dauphin.