One of the names you will see on the ballot for the municipal election is Randy Daley. He is running for one of the six spots on Dauphin City Council.

Daley came to Dauphin with his wife thirty years ago after he was transferred here with the RCMP. Once he retired, the couple decided to stay in Dauphin.

"I care about what happens in Dauphin. I've been here for thirty years, I've been involved in the community at some level for pretty much most of the time", commented Daley.

That involvement in the community consists of working with the Dauphin and District Food Bank; the Dauphin Crisis Prevention Task Force; the Manitoba Junior Hockey League; the Dauphin Kings; and the DRCSS Clippers hockey team, to name a few.

When asked what he would like to see for Dauphin, Daley mentioned teamwork will be top priority to get things done.

"I think if we're all pulling on the same rope and have a positive attitude and be willing to listen and share, I go in to this with a real positive outlook", said Daley.

Some of the things he would like to see a focus on are local businesses; vulnerable people and attracting people and investments to our community.

Daley continued by saying a vote for him is a vote for someone who can bring a lot of valuable experience to the table.

"I believe I have the life experience and knowledge, and networks that I've built at a variety of levels of community and government, and I have time and energy to put into it ... you're gonna get an effort out of me", he added.

There are seventeen candidates for Dauphin City Council in total. The election itself will take place on Wednesday, October 26th.