The Dauphin City Council held its second regular council meeting of the month tonight. The council spoke about the Vermillion Park Trails, which were damaged by flooding earlier this year.

Work has yet to be started on repairing the trails, as the city had applied for funding from the provincial government's Disaster Financial Assistance program, and they had to wait for a quotation for repairs. The city has now received a quote from Inspection Plus for $52,000 plus GST, which brings the total cost of the repairs to $54,600.

The city's estimated share of the repairs is $40,943 which the council approved to be taken out of the Recreation Reserve. Now that the funding has been approved, Director of Public Works & Operations Mike VanAlstyne, says that Dauphin Rec Services is likely to start work on the repairs immediately.

On top of the repairs that need to be made, the city has also been informed that prevention measures need to be taken to be eligible for any future disaster relief assistance. Dauphin Rec Services has proposed the use of the Mitigation & Preparedness Program funding to commission a flood study and implement recommendations from the study.

You can watch tonight's full council meeting on the City of Dauphin website here.