The Parkland Chamber of Commerce Municipal Election Forum for the City of Dauphin is tonight at 7 at the Watson Art Centre. The first hour of the event will give the 17 council candidates an opportunity to answer a question submitted by the public, while the second hour will feature a debate between the two mayoral candidates, Kerri Riehl and David Bosiak.

The chamber has been collecting questions from the public, to make sure they're asking the candidates questions that matter to the people of Dauphin. Chamber Executive Director Stephen Chychota says it's not too late for people to get their questions in.

"People can still submit questions up until the event, we may or may not be able to get to all of them. We do have quite a few on hand already from the public which is great, it's nice to have that response, so we will get through as many as we can in the time that we have, but by all means, send them over and if they're good questions we'll try make sure that they get incorporated into the forum."

Questions can be online here, by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or written and dropped off at the chamber office (100 Main Street South). While the forum is an in-person event, Chychota says that the Chamber will be live streaming it on their FaceBook page so people can still watch if they're unable to attend.

"The event will be streamed live on our FaceBook page, everyone has the opportunity to tune into that and watch it if they like. They can share the content too, so anybody out there, individual or community groups, or anything like that feel free to hit that share button so it can broaden that reach, and then people can watch that content live as it's happening. Since it's going to be on FaceBook it will get saved on that platform so then people can review it after the fact as well."

The Chamber will be hosting another Municipal Election Forum and Debate for the RM of Dauphin on Tuesday, October 4th. They working on organizing Election Forums for other communities across the Parkland, and we'll bring you information about those events once they've been finalized.