The City of Dauphin Mayor and Council candidates were out in full force tonight as the Parkland Chamber of Commerce held its Municipal Election Forum at the Watson Art Centre. The first half of the event featured questions being randomly assigned to the 17 council candidates.

Each candidate had the opportunity to answer two questions for one minute, and each question was answered by three candidates. The questions focused on topics like crime, and the growth of the city.

The event then moved to a Mayoral debate between David Bosiak and Kerri Riehl. The candidates went back and forth, each answering the same eight questions, with a minute for each response. The candidates then had the opportunity to ask each other two questions.

The questions had a similar focus in the second half of the event, focusing on crime and safety, as well as growth in the community. Following the debate, I asked each candidate what they wanted to be the main focus of their campaign.

Kerri Riehl says she wants to use her background in the RCMP and security business to help combat crime.

"My biggest thing that I feel I can do for the community is in regards to public safety. I don't need to hire a consultant, with 35 years of crime prevention and security experience, we can get started immediately. In 2019 I started a public wellness and advisory initiative, we've since recently got money for that, I believe it's 1.2 million over the next two years, I look forward to establishing that, and getting the data together, and moving forwards in regards to public safety. I believe we really are in a crisis and we need to do something quickly."

David Bosiak talked about building good relationships at all levels throughout the community, and how his experience will help with that.

"I'm a team builder, I've been a team builder my whole life, I've been a coach and I know what happens. I hate to use a sports analogy, but I think when you get people together, you make sure they know what they're supposed to do, you give them an environment that they can succeed, and then you just get out of their way and let them do their job. We have a tremendous staff at city hall, I will work with whatever six councilors get elected to form a team of council, and ensure that council and the administration communicate so that we can understand what our roles are, and carry on in the next four years."

Last night's entire forum and debate can be found online on the Parkland Chamber of Commerce FaceBook Page.

A full list of candidates for the City and RM of Dauphin in the October 26th election can be found here.