The Manitoba RCMP have released the monthly police-reported crime statistics for September.

The statistics compare the number of crimes that were reported to police in September of this year with the number of those reported in September of last year.

According to a news release on the law enforcement agency's website, the Manitoba West District — which includes Dauphin — reported decreases in crimes against people and drug enforcement, while crimes against property and common police activities both increased.

Overall common police activities increased by 11% (650 to 724), with the largest increase being seen in reports of a suspicious person, vehicle, or property — up 51% (248 to 375). The largest decreases were in missing person reports, which were down 31% (86 to 59), and in breach of peace reports, which were down 20% (134 to 107).

Crimes against people decreased overall by 19% (410 to 332), with assaults decreasing by 23% (251 to 193) and reports of robbery, extortion, harassment, or threats falling by 16% (132 to 111). However, sexual assaults were up 21% (19 to 23).

There was a 33% increase in property crimes overall (720 to 961 occurrences), with reports of possession of stolen goods representing the largest increase at 140% (20 to 48), followed by reports of theft over $5,000 rising by 82% (67 to 122) and break and enters going up by 53% (92 to 141). The only decrease noted was in arsons, which fell by 7% (15 to 14).

Furthermore, drug enforcement was down by 25% overall (60 to 45).